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How to Style Your Coffee Table

woman sitting on a couch behind a coffee table
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Eloise Bennan
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The coffee table is an integral part of any home. The coffee table is a natural focal point in any room. A place for eating, playing games, entertaining, or just drinking a cup of tea. Often our coffee tables become cluttered with old reading material, empty glasses, and knickknacks that don’t have a home. We just introduced a beautiful array of coffee tables, so we want to show you how to showcase your own personal aesthetic and give your coffee table the styling it deserves. There are so many ways to decorate a coffee table and truly no right or wrong way. Today, we’re sharing how to style with some of our favorite decor pieces, all made by female founded businesses! 

Showcase Your Collection:

For coffee tables like our Loop Coffee Table, with an open shelf concept, you can utilize this open space by adding larger decor objects. Why not incorporate the idea of traditional coffee books with a bit of flair? Coffee table books are a staple for a reason. They give you a space to showcase your personality by way of your book collection. Not only that, but they can act as a simple reminder to slow down and read a book. These Bacchus Book Ends will add an eye-catching modern art element to a traditional book or magazine display. 

Display Natural Elements:

Who doesn’t love coming home to see flowers? Flowers add the perfect pop of color to any room. Our Summer Vase has a beautiful earthy tone that suits any bouquet or living room. If you are looking for longevity, we suggest dried flowers or faux flowers for a similar, lasting aesthetic. 

Light a Couple of Candles:

A candle is the perfect decor piece for any coffee table. Lighting a scented candle not only adds to the ambiance but adds a pleasant aroma to the room. With a candle on the coffee table, it only makes sense to have a Fiery Matchstick Holder sitting next to it. This unique little matchstick holder has a cozy speckled finish, and can be struck from any side to light a match.  

Invest in Versatile Decor:

The coffee table is a center for gathering in your home. It’s important that the decor you use when entertaining is just as stunning as the rest of the decor on your coffee table. When you have guests over, having a beautiful pitcher on hand that can sit out on the table will help you have one less thing to get done so you can get back to your hosting duties. Our Pleated Pitcher is an incredible sculptural piece with an arched handle and exaggerated spout perfect for your favorite beverage or simply for decor.