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How to Paint a Patchwork Denim Wall, With Colorhouse

How to Paint a Patchwork Denim Wall, With Colorhouse
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We’re always on the lookout for brands that share Parachute’s commitment to safe and responsible manufacturing – especially when it comes to the home. That’s how we discovered Colorhouse, purveyors of premium paints that are low odor and Greenwise certified. Inspired by the look and texture of our Quilt in indigo, the team at Colorhouse masterminded a patchwork wall, evoking the comfort and classic cool of blue jeans.

Colorhouse shared their simple and fun denim wall instructions, with a stop motion video of the process. So clear your Sunday and bust out your painter’s pants, because this is your next DIY home project.

Image of a woman painting a patchwork wall.

What You'll Need

Step 1. Painting Patches

Paint a base coat of WOOL .06. Let dry. Using the level, draw your own unique patchwork pattern of overlapping squares. (Tip: We used paint chips to help us map out which colors we wanted where.) Using the roller, paint out the squares in varying shades of blue – WATER .04 and WATER .03 – and let dry.

Step 2. Glaze Finish

In a separate container, combine WATER .04 paint and actual water in equal amounts. This will become your glaze. Using one of the large paint brushes, dip into the glaze and make sweeping motions across the wall. Use the dry brush to feather the glaze so that the brushstrokes are not visible. Keep going until the wall is completely covered. If there are areas that have too much paint on them, take a rag and blot. Use your dry brush to soften the edges.

Step 3. Style the Room

It's time to finish the look. We chose a dark finished headboard and nightstand from The Joinery's Nehalem collection as a strong contrast against the patchwork background. To create balance and increase the cozy factor, we added textural interest via Macrame art by Holly Mueller Home and the essential Quilt in indigo. Finish it off with a few personal touches like a good book, a charming owl tile and an air plant. Then step back and admire your cool faded denim wall. There's a reason jeans never go out of style.