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How to Update Your Fall Decor

How to Update Your Fall Decor
Written By
Parachute Team
Photographs By
Amanda Pahls
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Not only is fall the season of apple picking and pumpkin patches, it’s a time to turn inwards and prepare your home for the cozy months to come. While there’s no right way to embrace the season, we’ve put together a list of easy ways to refresh your home – starting with the essentials.


Style a Sheepskin Rug

Add texture and warmth – literally – to your home with the addition of a sheepskin rug. Not only does this layer provide a chic Scandinavian look, it’s styling versatility gives this cozy piece longevity with each changing season. Instead of using it as a rug, try draping it over a bench at the end of a bed or placing it on the back of a chair for an inviting seat with a textured look.


Bring Out the Blankets

Your plaid blanket has been waiting in the back of your linen closet for nine excruciating months – don’t let it down now. Whether you’re looking to play with prints, color or texture, a good throw (or several) is necessary to the season. Be it post game, or post leftovers, keep your throwsquilts and favorite top of bed layers close by for some well deserved rest and relaxation.


Embrace Dried Flowers

While preserved blooms may have previously gotten a bad wrap (loss of structure, changed fragrances and muted colors) these dried arrangements are now at the forefront of autumnal decor. Their low maintenance nature and bewitching beauty makes them the popular choice for brining the outdoors in. We’re big fans of DIY arrangements that can include everything from thistle, eucalyptus, wheat, strawflower, foxtails, broom corn, german statice to persimmons, pomegranates and more.


Indulge in Aromatherapy

On days where daylight is fleeting and nighttime creeps in earlier than we’d all like, embrace the lingering darkness with a comforting candle – or many. Not only does the dimly lit ambience create beautiful decor but it encourages relaxation while the smells stimulate the senses. For a similar effect, sans matches, turn to oil diffusing and create a signature seasonal scent. Try combining eucalyptus, cedar and bergamot for a grounding sensation, or rosemary, clove and frankincense for a spiced scent in the sleek and minimalist Vitruvi diffuser.


Create a Soft Landing

Upgrade your bathmat in preparation for the chillier months to come. Keep your floors dry and your feet comfortable with an absorbent and luxe-to-the-touch Looped Bath Rug. Made of 100% Turkish cotton, this bath rug is available in a tubside size and a long runner, fit for a jack and jill sink – cold feet, be gone.


Look No Further Than a Throw Pillow

Sometimes a decor update is as simple as a pillow swap. Bring in earthy, fall accents to your space with a Vintage Linen Body Pillow in a burnt orange or a Banded Alpaca Pillow. Adding pops of color and texture is one of the easiest ways to create warmth and comfort in your home.