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How to Care for Your Rug

Written By
Parachute Team
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Laure Joliet for Parachute
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A beautiful rug has the ability to weave a room together. And no matter the room – busy mornings in the kitchen, lazy weekends on the sofa or a welcoming entryway – your rug is going to feel the love over time. To ensure your rug brings a cozy touch of comfort, or a bit of extra color and texture to you home for decades to come, here’s everything you need to know to caring for your rug...

Vacuum Regularly

Our rugs are all hand-woven by expert craftspeople in Panipat, India, and are made using 100% natural fibers. It’s normal for these fibers, especially wool, to shed. To reduce shedding, we recommend vacuuming your new rug several times before use. For regular care thereafter, vacuum regularly on low or sweep with broom.

Spot Treat as Needed

Accidents happen fast – stains happen faster! Be prepared to treat spills immediately with a clean, dry cloth and blot the contaminated area – starting from the outside of the stain and working in. Avoid rubbing in the stain, it can increase the size of the affected area and make it more difficult to remove. Spot clean with mild soap if needed; occasional professional cleaning may be required.

Rotate Frequently

To equalize everyday wear, rotate rug occasionally. We recommend rotating at least once a year and more often for rugs in highly trafficked areas. If your rug is in direct sunlight, consider increased rotation to avoid color fading – window treatments also provide great protection.

Pair with a Rug Pad

Consider pairing your rug with our eco-friendly rug pad – constructed using natural handwoven jute and all-natural rubber. Beyond the initial comfort and easier vacuuming, a rug pad contributes to a rug’s longevity and protection. A pad keeps the rug in place – preventing slips and pulls – while also preventing fibers from being crushed between the hard surface below and the rug above. Lastly, the increased air circulation provided by the pad stops the buildup of bacteria under your rug, warding off the occurrence of mold, mildew and odors.

Lasting Care and Storage

Depending on the style of your rug, additional care tips may be needed. If a loose end appears, do not pull; instead, clip with scissors and tie a knot at loose ends. For smaller rugs, rugs can also be taken outdoors a shaked clean. As for storage, we suggest you roll and then wrap the rug with cloth for protection.

Why We're Different

Our area rugs are responsibly and ethically manufactured by expert craftspeople, handmade in Panipat, India – known as “The City of Weavers.” It takes three to four weeks for numerous artisans to meticulously hand-craft each rug. This includes hand-separating, dyeing and spinning the wool, hand-weaving each rug using traditional looms, and carefully finishing every rug with precision. We want to ensure that each rug stays as beautiful as the day you bought it. Following these steps are essential for increasing the longevity of your rug.