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Gifts for Superior Sleep, 2019

Gifts for Superior Sleep, 2019
Written By
Parachute Team
Photographs By
Jessica Schramm for Parachute
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Sweet dreams are always a crowd pleaser. There's nothing better than a good night's sleep so we put together our current bedtime obsessions. From coffee worth getting out of bed for to CBD that will keep the good vibes going, here are 10 gifts you won't want to sleep on – yet!

For the Person You Share a Bed With

For the ultimate sleep experience, gift your partner – and not so secretly yourself – this cushiony mattress topper. Made of a thick layer of 100% virgin American wool this plush topper offers additional support and cradles pressure points. What's not to love? Wool Mattress Pad

For the Early Riser

Waking up is hard to do. Waking up with the perfect cup of coffee at your fingertips makes it slightly more bearable. Give the gift of a morning routine made easy – and sleek – by the Ratio Eight coffee maker. This tech-packed countertop barista delivers the perfect cup of jo morning after morning. Less thinking, more drinking. Ratio Eight Coffee Maker

For the Techie

Jia Tolentino's inaugural book – a collection of 9 essays – explores the modern self. Having grown up in her self proclaimed, "cultural prism," during the rise of the social internet, Tolentino dives into topics such as reality television, the wedding-industrial complex, news coverage of sexual assault with humor and brevity. This book calls into question the success and failures of the last decade and prescribes the perfect dose of reality before drifting off to sleep. Trick Mirror

For the Day Dreamer

Made to feel like you are floating on a cloud, the Cloud Cotton Quilt is so soft and fluffy – you'll have to feel it to believe it. Perfect for the daydreamer in your life whose head is always in the clouds. Why count sheep when they can count down the hours before diving into bed each night? Cloud Cotton Quilt

For the Athlete – or Wannabe

The Theragun G3 is an ergonomically designed, lightweight massager for occasional soreness, muscle tightness, and knots. Whether you're gifting to an athlete, or a more stationary companion, the G3 is great for reducing tension and stress and resulting in better sleep. Theragun G3

For the Spa Lover

Daily life can't always offer the respite we crave. Carving out time for self care keeps us balanced, relaxed and happier. Treat the spa lover in your life to an excuse for a warm bath before bedtime. Made from a blend of soothing lavender and essential oils, these soaking salts are designed to promote deep, restful sleep. Sleep Time Bath Salts

For Yourself

After years of pursuing our dream of creating the perfect mattress, we completely redesigned the coil mattress for the best sleep experience yet. Thoughtfully designed with ergonomic comfort zones to keep your spine aligned and masterfully crafted entirely of premium eco-friendly and non-toxic materials, The Mattress is the foundation of a great night’s sleep. Treat your self to exceptional, lasting comfort and support for years to come. The Mattress

For the Entire Family

Designed for families with young children, this sleek all-in-one device can be used by adults alike for a good night's rest, every night. Working as a customizable night light, white noise machine, two-way audio monitor and alarm clock with app enabled controls, the Rest+ has thought of it all. Hatch Rest+

For les Bébés

Whether it’s playtime or naptime your little one will love having this Stuffed Panda by their side. A future family heirloom, it’s made by hand and features a soft yet durable, all-natural cotton shell. Pair with another stuffed animal baby for an original gift both parent and child will love. Stuffed Panda

For the Grown Ups

Win best gift-giver status for life with the gift of all gifts. Lord Jones – a leading brand in a global movement to mainstream the health and wellness benefits of CBD – has curated a gift box of 8 dazzling boxes of Old Fashioned CBD gumdrops in 6 delectable flavors: Wild Strawberry, Lemon, Mango Chili, Sugar Plum, Black Currant and Green Apple. With seventy-two gumdrops in all, this relaxing gift will last for months. The Ultimate Gumdrop Gift Box

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