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Life at Parachute

Gifts For The One Who Loves You

Mom, Grandma and Grandson
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This Mother’s Day all moms are invited. The dog moms, the plant moms, the moms of moms and so on.  If you put your heart and soul into loving something or someone this day is for you. At Parachute, we have a wide variety of moms so we consulted the team to get their perspective on the best gifts for all of the above. May 14th is just around the corner but the cozy things are just a click away. 

Whitney B., Brand Director, POV: Daughter

For the woman who asks for nothing and uses only the essentials, it’s easy to find the coziest version of any necessity at Parachute. In the past, I’ve gifted my mom some of our softest items from the Cloud Cotton Robe to the Cloud Cotton Quilt and fresh Linen Sheeting. Robes will never go out of style – we have one for any season, any absorbency, style or color. I alone have about six. It’s a lifestyle – and a lifestyle mom deserves. From there, slippers, like our Classic Turkish Cotton Slipper or Cozy Bootie really dial up the comfort. Want to take your place as the favorite child? Try the ultra-luxurious and incredibly soft Alpaca Boucle Throw

Alyssa G., Operations Coordinator, POV: Mom

A big part of being a mom means sharing everything with your littles! The best gift you can give to the mom in your life (and my personal favorite) is something that is just hers. My Cloud Cotton Robe is so cozy and comfortable, all while being super lightweight. One of my favorite things about this robe is how many fun colors it comes in. From a neutral bone, colorful clay or our bold new coal, you'll find the perfect color to match all mom styles!

Mitch J, Technical Support Specialist, POV: Son

I have a range of go-tos for my favorite Parachute giftables. But, for Mother’s Day, I like the classics. I would get her the Classic Turkish Cotton Robe because of how incredibly soft it is and/or a Cloud Cotton Quilt – also because of how soft it is. It's my favorite and most-used product I own (and because I already have three I'd feel guilty if she didn't have one too). My mother is an interior designer who loves natural aesthetics and cozy feels, so for pillows, I’d go with Down Alt covered with a soft Linen Sheet Set – most likely in dusk because I got her a Classic Turkish Cotton Towel Set in that tone and it was a hit! She deserves it all!

Peri G., Graphic Designer, POV: Dog Mom

One of the best parts of being a dog mom is having a morning routine. Part of that routine includes taking my dog, Bunny, on a nice walk before signing on for work. Without fail, I slip on my Classic Turkish Cotton Slippers (and my Cloud Cotton Robe)!  My slippers are truly the warmest and most comfortable “shoes”, which make them perfect for walking Bunny around the neighborhood. The rubber soles are great for walking over grass and add an extra level of comfort as well (pro tip: add a pair of our Cotton Marled Socks and you have the ultimate cozy combo). To say I am obsessed with these slippers would be an understatement. I would definitely recommend them to and for all of the dog moms in my life! 

Sarah S., Custom Service Team Coordinator, POV: Plant Mom

When it comes to being a plant mom, I look forward to the changing of seasons – when your plants get a refresher and you can shower them with love and nutrients! I love the way my greenery looks in my bathroom against our Soft Rib Bath Towels in clay (our new Organic Cotton Mosaic Towels are also on my list). These two colors complement one another so well and brighten up my all-white bathroom perfectly. It’s also so nice to dry off with these super soft and absorbent long-staple Turkish Cotton Towels after a repotting day! Consider for all the plant moms in your life!