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All New Fair Trade Certified™ Rugs are Good for You and the Planet

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Fair Trade™ – you’ve probably heard of this certification before, but what does it mean?

Fair Trade Certified products meet rigorous social, environmental and economic standards – including safe working practices, environmental protections and transparent supply chains – and we’re proud to say our latest collection of rugs are all Fair Trade Certified as well as Craftmark and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. 

We first launched a collection of rugs in 2019, and while we adore those original designs we wanted to expand upon the existing assortment and add another element of quality that our customers have come to expect from us. This new collection focuses on high quality, durable materials like New Zealand wool and we designed each piece to ensure versatility and longevity. We also wanted to add visually compelling elements, using the texture and color of the material to add layers of intrigue. 

While the designs of the rugs themselves are of course a large focus, we also felt it was important to seek Fair Trade certification for our rug collection. The Fair Trade factory certification ensures strict health, safety, and labor standards and met and protects against the issue of child labor in the rug industry.

The small premium we pay through Fair Trade also helps fund local communities so they can invest in their greatest needs. The employees vote on who they would like to represent them in the workplace and where this additional money will go – this can be anything from a cash bonus to home appliances to healthcare costs.

Now that you know why Fair Trade rugs are good for people and the planet, let’s dive into our favorites! 

We love how versatile and livable the Rib Wool Rug is, and there are so many ways to personalize this particular piece to add a pop of color to any space. And, the Checkered Wool Rug is a unique way to bring pattern and trend to a home, while still remaining timeless and chic. A newer design to Parachute is the Carved Wool Rug, and it’s a beautiful and chic design for anything from a minimalist to eclectic space.