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How to Style Trendy Evergreen in Your Home

Dog on evergreen bed
Written By
Parachute Team
Photographs By
Kort Havens for Parachute
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Soon the leaves will begin to change and the air will take on a crisper edge, there's an excitement in the air – it's the arrival of fall, the season of transformation and renewal. Just as nature undergoes a makeover, so too can your home. At Parachute, we believe in the power of small changes to make a big impact. Introducing our new Evergreen color, a vibrant and punchy option that adds a touch of modern elegance to your space. This autumn, we're all about "building blocks" – simple yet effective ways to revamp your home's look without the need for a complete overhaul. Join us as we explore how to style this trendy Evergreen color to create a cozy, stylish haven that reflects the spirit of the season.

Embracing Trendy Evergreen

The Evergreen shade, now a part of our fall collection, is a leap towards a more saturated offering compared to the subtler tones of moss and willow. Its vibrancy is a reflection of the changing foliage outside your window, bringing the essence of the season indoors. Whether you're looking to transform your bedroom or add a pop of color to your bathroom, Evergreen is your go-to choice.

Create a Luxurious Bedroom Retreat

Start your Evergreen journey in the bedroom – a sanctuary of comfort and relaxation. Our Linen Duvet and Shams in Evergreen offer a delightful way to infuse this trendy color into your sleep haven. The natural texture of linen adds depth to the shade, while the punchy Evergreen hue keeps things fresh and exciting. Pair this with our Euro Shams for a harmonious look that invites you to unwind after a long day.

Vintage Charm with a Modern Twist

For those who love a touch of vintage charm, our Vintage Linen Bed Cover in Evergreen is a must-have. Its timeless appeal meets the contemporary punch of the color, creating a perfect balance between the old and the new. Drape it artfully over your bed for an effortlessly chic appearance that captures the essence of the fall season.

Cloud-like Comfort in Evergreen

Embrace the fall mornings with our Cloud Cotton Robe in the trendy Evergreen shade. There's no better feeling than wrapping yourself in the softness of pure cotton, and the pop of color adds a dash of vibrancy to your daily routine. The Cloud Cotton Robe is more than just loungewear – it's a statement of style and comfort.

Mixing and Matching

The beauty of Evergreen lies in its versatility. Pair it with neutral tones like whites, creams, and soft grays for a soothing look that exudes calmness. Alternatively, for a bold and invigorating vibe, combine Evergreen with rich jewel tones like clay and sumptuous terra. The juxtaposition of colors creates a dynamic and visually appealing space.

Bringing the Outdoors In

Evergreen isn't just a color; it's a connection to nature. Enhance this connection by incorporating natural elements into your decor. Wooden furniture, potted plants, and earthy textures complement the Evergreen hue and create a harmonious blend between the indoors and outdoors.

The introduction of the Evergreen color to our fall collection is more than just a trend – it's a celebration of the season's vibrancy and renewal. At Parachute, we understand that your home is your haven, and small changes can make a world of difference. With Evergreen, you have a canvas to express your style and creativity. From the bedroom to the bathroom, from duvets to robes, this trendy hue offers a spectrum of possibilities to elevate your space. As you embark on this stylish journey, remember that the essence of fall is all about embracing change and finding beauty in every transformation.