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Cozy Holiday Gifts, With Ariel Kaye

Ariel Kaye sitting on day bed.
Written By
Parachute Team
Photographs By
Jessica Schramm for Parachute
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We could all use a little more comfort this holiday season. This year, why not spread coziness to those you hold near and dear. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to find something that brings you the warm and fuzzies too. You deserve it! Our Founder, Ariel Kaye, knows the importance of filling your home with pieces that create warmth and make you feel good. Today, she’s sharing her top gift guide picks for everyone on your list. Get ready to shop!   

For Your Sister

Your sister will be on cloud 9 when you present her with a Cloud Cotton Robe. Slipping into it will immediately bring her comfort and ease. Sis can wrap herself in the robe after the shower or lounge in it all day while hanging at home. Lightweight, soft and stylish this robe as it all.

For Your Partner

There is nothing better than matching outfits on Christmas morning. This year, my family will be spending time snuggling in our new Loungewear Sets. They have a mini waffle weave that provides just a little bit of texture to the touch. They are also incredibly lightweight and comfy. You will find me cuddled up watching movies with my husband and daughter all of December in this set! Available in sizes and cuts for men and women. 

For Your Mom

Sleep is crucial these days for our health and wellness. I want to keep my mom feeling her best with the gift of rest in our Brushed Cotton Sheets. They have a soft, buttery texture that feels like a warm hug when you slip between the sheets. We like to think Brushed Cotton is reminiscent of your favorite worn in t-shirt – can you think of anything more cozy? Mom will feel very special this year.

For Your Neighbor

You’ve watched your neighbor bake sourdough loaf after sourdough loaf this past year. Why not elevate her kitchen game with our new Linen Apron? This thoughtful and functional gift is lightweight, made of 100% linen and features a handy pocket for storage.

For You

I’m treating myself to our new Silk Pillowcase this holiday. A Silk pillowcase is luxurious for so many reasons. Of course it feels great, but it also helps to improve the overall look of your hair and skin. Silk helps to prevent split ends and reduces the appearance of fine lines on your face. I'm a big proponent of self-care and I know we could all deserve to indulge a little more.