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Pop of Color

Multi-color bedscape
Written By
Parachute Team
Photographs By
Jessica Schramm for Parachute
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We all love a good monochromatic look, right? Easy to put together and pleasing to the eye, it creates harmony in the home. Yes, an all-white bedroom can be very chic, we're feeling a pop of color for 2023. Let us explain.  

While our color palette runs across categories making it easy to match your bedding to your bath to your decor, have you thought about being a bit more bold in your design? We've always been forward thinking trend forecasters when it comes to shape, texture and of course, color. With the introduction of two new hues – wave and melon – plus color adds to our favorite fabrics – hello bone brushed cotton and sateen in cream – we are ready to help you design and style a home full of complementary colors. With our varied assortment of warm and cool tones we can create harmony between colors! Warm tone sheeting can spring to life with a touch of cobalt. Grey bath linens can be brightened with a clay robe. Or a living room grounded in whites can sing with a touch of sienna. 

Get inspired by our new pops of color and learn how to infuse more happy hues into your own home.

Sunny and Bright

This bright and sunny room pops with shades of wave and cream off-setting the punch of color from the yellow wall. Warm and cool hues live in delicious harmony in this bedroom.

A Surprisingly Delightful Pair

We would have never initially thought to pair our new happy hue, melon with the earthy surplus, but it is actually very complementary. Melon's soft, light undertones make it very versatile!

Inspired by Nature

Earth tones unite in this wave, surplus and bone situation. Wave is the primary focus in this bedscape and is beautifully off-set with cool surplus and neutral bone.