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Fall '20 Reading List

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Written By
Parachute Team
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Jessica Schramm for Parachute
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Despite the cozy sheets, do you find yourself having trouble falling or staying asleep? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. With anxiety at an all time high, it can be difficult to stop your thoughts from racing after tucking in for the night. While cookies and milk or a lullaby from mom worked in the past, reading is just the thing you need now to get some shuteye. Research suggests that just a few minutes of reading can relax the mind and help you get to sleep faster. This season, we're sharing soothing, easy reads that will help you get those zzz’s. 


'You Think It, I'll Say It,' by Curtis Sittenfeld

Short stories are pretty self explanatory – they are short and can be easily consumed before dozing off. We suggest Curtis Sittenfeld’s, You Think It, I'll Say It. This collection of fiction follows modern day characters dealing with relationships, class and gender roles. The writing is smart as Sittinfeld chronicles everything from a suburban mom’s sinister fantasy to take down a friend, to a childhood bully making a surprise appearance on vacation. Keep the drama to the pages as you slowly drift off to sleep after finishing a short story. 


'The Happy Ever After Playlist,' by Abby Jimenez

Who doesn’t like a good love story? A romance novel may be just what you need to unwind before bed. The Happy Ever After Playlist, by Abby Jimenez follows Sloan and Jason who are brought together by an adorable pup named Tucker. Will their flirty texts develop into something more? Find out as your curl up with this feel good novel!


'Where the Sidewalk Ends,' by Shel Silverstein

A humorous poem from Shel Silverstein before bed might just transport you back to childhood. Where the Sidewalk Ends, is a collection of hilarious and often absurd musings about unicorns, whales, auctioning off your sibling and planting a garden full of diamonds. These delightful poems are the perfect bite-sized morsels to read late night.


'Kindfulness,' by Ajahn Brahm

Meditating might help you get to sleep faster, so why not read about the ancient practice? Kindfulness, by Ajahn Brahm is an inspiring read that will help calm and center your mind as well as body. This book is short on pages and big on positivity, an ideal companion for your bedside table. 


'The Sleep Solution," by W. Chris Winters

When all else fails, it’s time to turn to the experts. Dr. W. Chris Winter helps to solve insomnia in his book, The Sleep Solution. Discover what’s really going on with your sleep and how you can improve your slumber. Dr. Winter explores the food, light, activities, naps and thoughts that are leading to your restlessness and makes easy suggestions to optimize your sleeping hours.