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The Art of the Neutral Bed

neutral bed
Written By
Eloise Bennan
Photographs By
Laura Mohn For Parachute
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We all want to be welcomed into a bedroom each night that allows a sense of calm and serenity to wash over us. Our eyes are taking in an incredible amount of information every day, which is why it’s important for your bedroom to act as a sanctuary for recharging and re-centering. This is where neutral bedding comes into play. What makes neutrals truly remarkable is their innate ability to harmoniously intermingle, granting us the freedom to effortlessly pair and create a coherent aesthetic. 

Your bed is the focal point of any bedroom and sets the tone for the entire room. While loud print and bold colors can be exciting to some, to others, it may be overwhelming in a space where calm is what you desire. However, make no mistake, neutral is never synonymous with boring. Here at Parachute, we’re all about celebrating simplicity and giving you all the options for a beautiful and neutral bed. The best part about styling neutrals is the ability to mix and match – a signature of Parachute’s assortment. From a chic monochrome look, to an earthy oasis, to a pop of color, playing with neutrals will bring out your inner designer. 

Back to The Basics, Starting Simple

In our crazy world, the word simple has taken on a negative connotation, however, we are partial to simplicity and the wonder it brings to your routine. We all wish we could simplify our hectic lives, which is why sometimes simple is the perfect thing to bring us back to zero after a long day of anything but. Nothing is worse than trying to go to sleep when your mind is buzzing. Your bedroom, and more specifically, your bed, should be a beacon of calm that can act as a reminder to reset after a taxing day. Try pairing our Haze Percale Sheet Set with our Bone Percale Duvet, a combination that not only exudes tranquility but also eliminates unnecessary stress from the equation. This deliberate fusion of elements welcomes an aura of peacefulness and refinement, making it a haven of serenity amidst life's whirlwind.

Maybe Try Mono

If the word streamlined lights a fire in you, a monochrome neutral look may be just what you need. We make decisions all day. For some of us, the last thing we want to do after a long day is come home and play interior designer. Your time is precious, and we only have so much brain capacity, so focus on what you already enjoy and leave behind the stress of color theory and matching. Once you pick your color, that is all you need when it comes to monochrome, and that is the beauty of it. We offer Bed Bundles in a variety of neutrals, such as Bone, Sand, and Haze, to make your life that much easier. 

For an Earthy Oasis Bring on the Blues and Greens

At Parachute, we find that neutrals and naturals go hand in hand. Picture the combination of a white sateen sheet set with a wave blue duvet cover, reminiscent of tranquil waters that invite you to embark on a serene slumbering journey each night. Alternatively, consider the enchanting fusion of our Bone Brushed Cotton Sheets with a Moss green Percale Duvet Cover, evoking the splendor of the natural world right within your bedroom sanctuary.

Make it Interesting with New Textures

If monochrome is not your thing but the serene neutral look is what you’re going for, try spicing things up by incorporating new textures into your bed. This approach adds visual interest and dimension while retaining simplicity. A great place to start is with throws. From our Cloud Linen Gauze Throw in Bone to our Organic Cotton Knit Throw in Sand, you have the ability to make it truly your own and add your own fresh spin while staying in line with the neutral theme. 

Cater to the Colorful

Of course, if you can’t help but want to add more color into your life, we haven't forgotten about you. One of the best parts of having a neutral bed is the ability to add a pop of color on a whim and know that no matter what, it will always match. We suggest an Ochre Duvet or Clay Sheets as the perfect complementary colors against neutrals, but again there are no rules! 

Neutrals, Never Out of Style

Let’s be honest; one of the best parts about investing in neutral bedding is simply the ease of it all. Neutral sheets are a staple to have in your house. Whether they are on your bed or in your linen closet, a neutral sheet set like our Percale Sheets in Bone will go with everything making it the perfect piece to invest in. 

We all know trends come and go, and in a blink of an eye, what’s in is out. However, the best part about neutrals is they are just that, neutral. You can rest assured that your brand-new Haze Linen Sheet Set or beautiful Cream Percale Duvet Cover will be classic choices you’ll be satisfied with for many moons.