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Bedtime Routines

Ariel Kaye, Founder and Author

Ariel Kaye laying next to a bed
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Our Founder, Ariel Kaye, wrote a book! In How to Make a House a Home, Ariel forgoes the rules of traditional decorating books. Instead she guides you in creating a home that’s beautiful, mindful, functional and personal. To celebrate the release, we sat down with Ariel to get an inside look at her writing process, her favorite room and why home is more important than ever before.  

What inspired you to write How to Make a House a Home?

Writing a book has always been a vision of mine. When I was approached by my editor at Clarkson Potter with the idea to write a book about “home,” I was excited and knew this was the time to make it happen. I instantly started putting together a framework with different topics and stories that I wanted to share. The all consuming drive I felt reminded me of how I felt preparing to launch Parachute! Through building Parachute I've learned a great deal about intentional design and purposeful living. I’m thrilled to connect and share more about my journey creating a welcoming and nurturing environment. 

Can you give us some insight into your writing process?

Writing a book was an amazing process. Over the course of a year, I would come up with ideas and write down notes during the day and in the evenings I would consolidate my ideas on the page. Then came the editing. And more editing. I worked with an incredible team at Clarkson Potter who supported me in writing, editing, picking colors, working on illustrations, selecting fonts, and finalizing the cover art. I learned so much.

Why is now the perfect time to share your thoughts on home?

Home is more important than ever before. We are all trying to find ways to make our spaces more functional and cozy as we spend so much time indoors. The book features personal stories about my journey integrating mindful choices in my own home – and ways that you can do the same. I share insights into the process of choosing the right color palette, layering textures, furniture layout, organizational tips, and ambiance – that speak to your style and your lifestyle. Whether you’re renting an apartment or looking for inspiration for your dream house, How to Make a House a Home, provides the guidance you need to create a space that is purposeful and thoughtful. 

Do you have a favorite room in the home?

Our living room because I love to entertain and have people over for dinner, drinks or an impromptu backyard hang. My bedroom is a close second. It’s where I rest and recharge – which I need every day. I just added my Cloud Cotton Quilt for Spring and it has made my bed even more inviting.

We love your bedroom decor! Tell us, what’s on your nightstand?

I keep my space pretty minimal and clutter free. On my bedside table I have an alarm clock (I try to keep my phone out of the bedroom to improve my sleep quality), the latest book I’m reading and a glass of water to stay hydrated. 

How do you unwind after a busy day of running Parachute?

Rituals around self-care are incredibly important to me. I take a long walk after dinner before a hot shower and have a cup of tea or a magnesium drink to unwind and destress. I am all about feeling cozy and put on my Cloud Cotton Robe and try to read before bed. Everything is about slowing down and turning my busy brain off. 

A look inside Ariel Kaye's book

We all want to know...what’s one easy way to update your space?

Look for small ways to make a big impact. I change my textiles, move art from one room to the next, bring in fresh flowers or plants, and switch up my lighting to alter the ambiance in my home.  

Do you ever get out of bed for a midnight snack?

Rarely. I’m usually asleep by 9:30pm or 10. Occasionally I will sneak a bite of vegan ice cream ;)

What do you hope people will take away from your book?

I hope people feel inspired to think about how their home truly reflects their personality and lifestyle. Let your home be a reflection of your authentic self.