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Meet Evonna Kuehner, Founder of ANOVÉ and the Latest Home for Dreams Grant Recipient

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ANOVÉ creates inclusive, plant-based skincare products for all skin tones and types and this emphasis on inclusivity is what makes Evonna Kuehner’s brand so innovative. We’re excited to announce that ANOVÉ will be the latest Home for Dreams grant recipient. 

Home for Dreams is an initiative Parachute launched in the fall of 2020 to support Black-owned, product-centric businesses with capital, advisory meetings and brand amplification. The six-month program includes mentorship from our Founder, Ariel Kaye, access to the entire Parachute team, coverage across marketing channels, and a $25k grant to invest in the recipient’s business. 

We interviewed our latest Home for Dreams grant recipient, Evonna Kuehner, about her experience as a female founder, mentee, and advocate for inclusive skincare. 

What inspired you to start ANOVÉ?

ANOVÉ is a labor of love. When I first conceived of our hero product, The Perfecting Oil, I didn’t see starting a skincare brand as an option. After focusing on my corporate career and consulting, I realized that I kept circling back to the idea of exploring skincare and pursuing this passion. I also felt there was a need for more diverse founders in the clean beauty space. A lot of the ingredients found in clean beauty and skincare have been used in communities of color for generations – like arnica, shea butter, turmeric, calendula – and it makes sense that this space reflects that history. I believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts have to encompass not only who products are made to serve but also who they are created by.

Tell us more about ANOVÉ's skin care line and your choice to use natural, plant-based ingredients.

I believe nature gives us everything we need if we are open to that concept and know where to look. ANOVÉ products are crafted from ingredients that work well on their own, but really shine when they come together. We make sure the ingredients we use are responsibly sourced and benefit the skin. 

We’re in awe of the way ANOVÉ prioritizes inclusivity. Can you tell us about your journey developing products for all skin tones and types?

Inclusivity has always been important to me as a founder, and it’s one of ANOVÉ’s core values. Our initial product offering is a line of elevated essentials that, although designed to work together, also play well with others. No matter your skin tone or type, the core steps to care for your skin each day are largely the same: cleanser, toner, treatments, serums, and moisturizer. In that way, ANOVÉ offers something for everyone. Even if you’re also using other products, there’s something in our offering that will help you achieve your skin goals.

What are you looking forward to most about working with Parachute Founder and CEO, Ariel Kaye?

Parachute is such an amazing brand that has completely nailed it in terms of cultivating a direct-to-consumer audience. To be able to work with the person whose vision brought this brand to life is absolutely priceless. I’m excited for this type of mentorship because I think this is what’s most valuable to founders as we grow. Everyone talks about funding and how important it is, but no one really talks about how to get the right guidance once you have funds. There have been times where it would have been so helpful to have guidance from someone who has excelled in a similar space as ANOVÉ. I’m especially thrilled to work with Ariel now that we’re at a point where we want to ramp up our direct-to-consumer activity. Who better to offer guidance here than the Founder & CEO of a brand that has so clearly excelled in this area? 

What’s next for ANOVÉ?

We will be launching Body products this year! That’s super exciting to me because I’ve always envisioned ANOVÉ as a luxurious full body experience. There are also a few retail partnerships coming up that I’m excited about.