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5 Ways to Style Your Plants, With Léon & George

5 Ways to Style Your Plants, With Léon & George
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Adding greenery to your home is a simple and effective way to brighten things up no matter the space. The ritual of taking care of plants is sure to boost your mood, and make any space feel warmer and more inviting. While there’s nothing quite like a large, lone statement plant, grouping and layering greenery together creates texture and visual interest – not to mention it provides perks for yourself and your plants. Here are five simple tips from the experts at Léon & George to layer your plants like a stylist.

Use Odd Numbers

An old trick of the trade in any decor project, start by gathering plants in groups of three or five. While even numbers can be impactful in their symmetry, using odd numbers forces the eye to move around and thus creates a sense of visual interest.

A chair in between two plants of different heights

Create Varying Heights

Another trick for creating visual interest is to vary heights. Using a plant’s natural height or a plant stand to give it a lift, create a type of “skyline” with your plants’ foliage.

Mix Up the Colors and Textures

Beyond creating varying heights, you also want to go for varying textures in foliage. Some plants like the Parlor Palm are light and airy, whereas others like the Fiddle Leaf Fig are lush and dense: too much of either won’t look great. You might also play with color, layering bright greens over darker ones, or even using variegated plants with cream or pink hues in between.

Two potted plants on a bedside table.

Don’t Forget the Planters

Similar to the plants themselves, having the same exact size and style of planter won’t look very interesting, and varying your planters by size or height is key. If you like a more minimal look, layer neutral colored pots in different shapes and heights, or for a bohemian feel, mix up a few different styles of planters like ceramics, terracotta, or woven baskets.

Consider Their Care

Last but most certainly not least, make sure to consider your plants’ care! Grouping plants together is in fact an excellent way to ensure they are all getting the care and conditions they need to thrive. For example, group sun-loving plants, like the Bird of Paradise, cacti or succulents together in a sun-drenched window, or keep shade and humidity-loving plants, like the Bird’s Nest Fern or Calathea Medallion, together as well. By layering plants with similar care requirements, you are also allowing them to create mini-biomes with one another.

Léon & George makes it easy to bring beautifully potted greenery into your space. All the plants mentioned and pictured above can be found on the Léon & George site.