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So I’ve waited a long time and finally pulled the trigger and purchased almost 1K in bedding. I was so excited to receive it, however after I spent all day washing the sheets, duvet cover and mattress pad I was sorely disappointed! The sheets were extremely scratchy. I know over time they will get softer but really? If you are going to charge this much, they should come prewashed soft to begin with. After reaching out to customer service, no explanation was given just a return label to return. Super disappointed! I guess I’ll buy elsewhere.

Natalie E. - Verified Buyer
Not impressed

Bought the percale sheet set for my memory foam mattress bed hoping for a cool good night rest sleep but I keep waking up because of the heat trapped by the sheet. I didn't have this issue with another brand's Egyptian cotton sheets. I'm quite disappointed as I heard good reviews about parachute and I can't even get a refund :(

Grant L. - Verified Buyer
Fitted and top sheet sizes don't line up

I ordered a bundle of a fitted, a top, and a few pillow cases. Pillow cases and fitted sheet work great. The top sheet is comically over-sized. To the point that it is dragging on the ground while hanging off my bed, which is raised about 2 feet of the ground

Nathan S. - Verified Buyer

Quite disappointed. Been looking for cool and soft sheets for months. I am currently only purchasing pillowcases for trial purposes and these did not live up to expectations of softness. I do love the look, but can't understand rave reviews for texture. Spent much less for some at Target that are closer to what I am looking for although still not what I want. Will keep looking.

Colleen D. - Verified Buyer

I have an oversized mattress so I have come to expect that I will wrestle fitted sheets on. That was most definitely not the case. These sheets are oversized, both the fitted and the top sheet. The top sheets hangs comically off the bed. I am actually getting it tailored because of how much extra cloth there is. Sheets are comfortable, but the sizing was horrible.

Nathan S. - Verified Buyer
Flat pillow

Medium fill pillow was so flat and all i was given was a 10% code to purchase a new pillow - good way to make money!

Tan M. - Verified Buyer
Use of word "set"

Set to me means a fitted sheet, flat sheet and 2 pillowcases. Set to parachute does not include a flat sheet. That slight of marketing must be realized when ordering from Parachute.

Patricia W. - Verified Buyer

I have not received my sheets! Where are they// ANNE BOYER

Anne B. - Verified Buyer

I was so disappointed with the sheet. I expected something really high quality. I was so surprised that even in the wrapping it was wrinkled. I never unwrapped it because I hate wrinkles in my sheets. I felt really cheated that I had to pay to send it back. I felt it was misrepresented and will never buy anything from your company again!

Leslie R. - Verified Buyer
The down goes flat

The down goes flat

Verna A. - Verified Buyer