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Parachute Reviews

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Sort of like drying off with a dish towel….

LOVE LOVE LOVE the way these towels look…but man, do I not like using them. They are soft and dry quickly, but they don’t not absorb water at all. As soon as I am done “drying” off, I am always looking for my robe because I dont feel all that dry or warm….not the nicest way to end a shower…I will be returning unfortunately

Julia S. - Verified Buyer
Ill-fitting, uncomfortable, bad design for women

I wanted to love this robe. I'm a petite woman and I ordered a size small. It's oddly wide in the arms and unflattering and loose in the body, but constantly comes untied because of its lack of inside string and the arms are too short. Poorly made. I can't believe this was $120!

Cecelia O. - Verified Buyer
VERY disappointing

This robe is the poorest quality I have ever had the displeasure to purchase. The toweling fabric of which it is constructed has not stood up to even THREE wearings before it has begun to fray. I have no idea how this product can even be sold at ANY price. I am appalled. This robe won't even make it to one washing, with all the loose threads already pulling out, even in places (such as the inside torso area) where there is absolutely no stress possible on the toweling material.

Nancy W. - Verified Buyer

The product didn’t change my nights sleep. The medium pillow is too soft and the firm pillow too firm for me.

Vesna R. - Verified Buyer
Very poor quality

I bought this robe for my wife for Christmas and it is already falling apart. there are loose threads everywhere. We took pictures and would love to send them to quality control. I expected more from parachute.

Joe H. - Verified Buyer

Some of the worst towels I’ve ever used in any instance where a towel is needed.

Mitchell L. - Verified Buyer
Soft pillow was wayyyy too thin.

Soft pillow had hardly any fill in it. I actually gave it to the dog to use in his crate. Wish I could’ve returned it. Maybe fill them better

Lisa K. - Verified Buyer
It’s been weeks now, and I’ve yet to receive my order.

Although the help desk has been responsive, I still don’t have my very pricey order.

Tomasina B. - Verified Buyer
Bath robe

Hello, I washed it once and did extra low heat dryer cycle and the bathrobe is now frayed. Very odd.

Chris S. - Verified Buyer
Very unsatisfied.

Your product was recommended by Wirecutter. I believed them. Was I wrong!. I have a Casper mattress and thought that it was too hard. My wife and I are a sidesleepers. We thought your product would help. IT DOES NOT. It sinks. It is basically just like putting a comforter on top of the mattress. For the price I paid? Very, very disappointed.

Marion L. - Verified Buyer