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Parachute Reviews

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Very heavy and small

I expected a lighter towel and a bigger one as well however it is heavy and small.

Tarik B. - Verified Buyer

I love my new sheets and pillowcases but was upset to see that after the second wash the pillowcases have peach discoloration on them. I'm really upset!

Lisa R. - Verified Buyer
Color fades

I’ve had two sets now and the color keeps changing and fading in weird spots. At first I thought it was from sweat but it’s also on the corners where I don’t sleep. And the side that I don’t sleep on. I use a dye free detergent so i don’t understand why it happens

Billy T. - Verified Buyer
Bad quality

My robe immediately started unraveling on the top part.

Kelsey B. - Verified Buyer
Zero supoort but luxurious feel

Unfortunately I returned this pillow. It basically sank the moment my head touched it. I was bummed too because the pillow feels like a cloud. I think maybe if I had two of them it would offer some more head/neck support for side sleepers but they're too expensive for something that has literally zero support.

Lauren R. - Verified Buyer
New Percalle Egyptian cotton sheets

Way to expensive Very creased Do not fit the king size bed well. Bottom sheet is too deep . Top sheet is far too long.

Mervyn C. - Verified Buyer
Damaged or defective towels

I paid $300 for six towels, and they arrived with every one covered in snags and unraveling threads. I emailed customer service with multiple photos of the unraveling thread at the hem of the towels and of the snagged loops. They said I could exchange them, but the towels had already sold out so it wasn’t an option. They refused to give me a damage discount or partial refund. The customer service from Parachute is terrible and I will probably never shop here again.

Erica J. - Verified Buyer
Not worth it

Duvet just doesn't look that nice given the price, nor is the texture particularly luxurious. It seems your paying for the brand, packaging and marketing...

Joel N. - Verified Buyer
8 inch tear after 5 days use

Loved the look and feel of this. It was on the bed less than a week and I noticed a huge tear near the seam. It hadn’t even been washed yet. I noticed the stitching seems rather shallow. It was returned and I’ll be looking elsewhere.

Ariel D. - Verified Buyer
Disappointing customer service

I purchased these towels because I really love their bedding. Unfortunately, after the first wash, the towels had these orange/brown stain marks. Initially I thought it was the washer/dryer as we had just moved in to a new apartment so I didn’t bother reaching out to customer service. However, a couple months later when I decided I would just purchase these towels again, I decided to read some of the reviews and read that other people had experienced the same issue. So I emailed customer service asking for advice on how to remove these stains if possible since I’d rather try that first before buying a whole new set of towels again. I was hoping to hear back within a few days but no response. I followed up a total of two more times and again no response to either effort. And it’s not like I followed up day after day. I gave them plenty of time. Pretty disappointed to just be ignored. I think this was a month or so ago (maybe a bit longer) and still haven’t heard back. I gave up. Also after each wash, the threading gets loose here and there. This didn’t bother me as much since I could just cut them off. That all said I will day the towels are very soft. Just weird how they got stained despite me following the washing directions and frustrating their customer service team never bothered to acknowledge my email.

Connie A. - Verified Buyer