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Parachute Reviews

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The candle was not packed very well and was broke when I received it. Little shards of glass got everywhere. I just threw it away. It did smell nice... oh well!

Lisa - Verified Buyer
Bad news

Worst sheets ever! They don't fit. They are huge! One sheet had a tear in it. Too expansive. The duvet cover is huge! Nothing fits!

Dean L. - Verified Buyer
Sheets not comfortable

Your service was great and all reviews I read about your sheets were excellent so I was excited to receive my sheets and sleep in them...unfortunately I found them very scratchy and uncomfortable. My husband and I are very disappointed especially with the amount of money we spent on the sheets. I would not buy another set or recommend them to someone else.

Augusta K. - Verified Buyer
Just plain rough sheets

Thought they would be softer for the price. They are definitely not worth it

AP - Verified Buyer
Terribly scratchy

The way these sheets are advertised we expected them to be so comfortable and soft. However the first night we tried them both my husband and I found them very scratchy and tough. We packaged them up and shipped them back the following day. We appreciate the ability to try them and return them.

Gwynn A. - Verified Buyer

Ordered swatches of every fabric type. I am used to Frette and these were pretty terrible. They feel much worse than my Frette and I certainly wouldn't buy a set for this price.

Alex - Verified Buyer
They were terrible, we returned them.

Terrible, we returned them.

ON - Verified Buyer