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Parachute Reviews

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I want to be honest, the sheets look great, but I've been a little disheartened by the feel of them. I think they're quite rough, I mean, if like to buy again, but I'm just not sure. I thought they'd be smoother. They've been washed twice, and am still not convinced !

Russell - Verified Buyer
Poor Quality

I was so excited about Parachute as I am a huge fan of luxury linens! I ordered the white sateen duvet cover and although I loved the sheen of the material I was so disappointed by the quality of the fabric. It was see through and looked threadbare. It made me question how many washes it could stand up to, what would happen if something snagged it, etc. It just did not have the quality feel I was expecting. I sent it back immediately after opening. It was nice to have a prepaid label. Kudos for that!

La R. - Verified Buyer
rude customer service

i had an issue with an order. i called the company to resolve the issue and was treated rudely. the person behaved like she was being burdened by my phone call. after i explained my issue, she rudely said "and what would you like me to do about this?" the sheets are nice but not nice enough to overcome my experience with this person. never again.

gavan s. - Verified Buyer
Not what I was expecting

Never received a tracking number as what was discussed in the order email. All that I knew was that my product had shipped. Took almost 7 days to receive the "letter" as it was in a standard envelope. Seems that the quality was not what I was expecting. Was hoping for a higher quality product. These sheets are paper thin. I guess they would be good for the summer, but would be considered of my dogs' nails ripping the sheets.

TS - Verified Buyer
Not worth the money

Decent sheets but I was expecting excellent for the price. They're just fine. Not quite bad enough to go through all the effort to return them.

Jonathan G. - Verified Buyer

I was not super impressed. I ordered a set of sheets online. It arrived and only then did I realize that it's only a bottom sheet and pillow cases. I was really disappointed - it hadn't even occurred to me that a set wouldn't include a flat sheet! So I had to go on and separately buy the flat sheet, and the result is that these were much more expensive sheets than expected and the quality isn't great.

Julia S. - Verified Buyer
Soft & Warm Linen Sheets

Got the sheets and they are packaged beautifully. We have slept on them a week or so and washed them cold water / gentle cycle twice. They are super soft and comfy and very warm this cold New York winter. They are very comfortable. Big down side is the color has let go in areas of the sheets and we do not use bleach in our washing. Recommend getting white!

John - Verified Buyer
Very different colors

Purchased a fitted sheet a couple months ago and got the top sheet to match. I expected some difference in color due to different dye batches but the color difference between the two is huge and super noticeable from even far away.

Z. P. - Verified Buyer
Material not as advertised

I don’t suggest this product The material is too thin for the money you pay for this product.

Margaret W. - Verified Buyer

The soft one was too soft but too expensive to buy another one. Not worth the m oney.

Jenny T. - Verified Buyer