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Parachute Reviews

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Not as soft as I had hoped

The sheets aren't as soft as I had hoped. I heard a lot of great feedback about your product so I was excited to purchase. I'm not in love. They are decent sheets but I find it hard to justify the expense. I wish I had ordered the more silky product.

Dan V. - Verified Buyer
Won't Buy Again

I won't buy sheets from Parachute again. I was so happy with the silky softness when I first opened them. The presentation was great. Then I washed them :-/ I followed the instructions to wash in cold water and dry on low. They came out scratchy and rough. I thought maybe they would get softer with time. I have washed them 4 times and they are no softer. The sheets are small too. They won't hardly fit over my mattress and it is only 13". I will go back to Lands End for a much better value and quality.

Angie T. - Verified Buyer
Uncomfortable Sheets

The sheets I had were a really horrible quality. We couldn't lay on those sheets for more than 30 seconds. They felt like coarse, rough paper, instead of relaxing sheets. We had to send them back straight away

Hayley R. - Verified Buyer
Not that great.

Genuinely, a let down -- I have sheets that were much cheaper, softer, and didn't get as hot during the night. I regret spending $70 on one flat sheet, but I'm just glad I didn't buy the entire bedding set.

Anna B. - Verified Buyer
Meh: not sure it's worth it

Firstly, I am not sure if this review is asking if I like my sheets or how the shopping experience was. Sheets - Meh. they are nice and all, but it's a little expensive for modestly indulgent sheets. Probably won't buy again, but never say never. Experience: The shopping experience was good, everything went as expected.

Kelly - Verified Buyer
Not worth the price

Sheets lost color and were blotchy after one wash. When customer service was contacted, they suggested that I must have had bleach residue in my washing machine. I sent pictures, and asked for a new set. After pushback, they agreed to send a replacement set but only after I sent in mine. One problem... It's the only set I own as I purchased them during a move. Not a pleasant buying experience.

tyler m. - Verified Buyer
Nice fabric; poor fit.

The linen fabric is soft and lovely, but the standard-sized pillowcases and full/queen duvet cover and fitted sheet are enormous. They are way too big for my standard-sized pillows and queen-sized mattress - they look like they are two size too big. I love the relaxed look of linen, but these just look sloppy and dumpy. I would not buy this product again.

KJM - Verified Buyer
Will not purchase again.

There was a problem with my order and trying to actually get a hold of someone about it was impossible. I have left a couples messages on their voicemail with no return call before I finally got through calling again. When I finally got a hold of someone they were just plain read and didn't seem to care about my issue.

John - Verified Buyer
The fitted sheet was way too large and therefore very uncomfortable.

The fitted sheet was way, way too large and therefore very uncomfortable to sleep on.

Thomas - Verified Buyer
Such high hopes

The color is as expected, as well as the size. Was a little confused upon getting two packing slips in my box, one for my order and one for someone else's order. The correct sheets, pillow cases, and duvet cover were included. The sheets feel thin and scratchy. I put everything in the wash to see if that would help. A few washes later, they still feel the same - hoping they'll soften up. Oh yeah, and they wrinkle like the dickens, regardless of dryer setting (I've used medium and low so far). Nothing like having to steam iron your sheets and duvet cover - quite the work out.

Sheila - Verified Buyer