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Parachute Reviews

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order not as expected and customer service was less than helpful.

I was really excited to receive the linen duvet and fitted sheet set from Parachute. It was a purchase that was a bit of a stretch for my budget but I gave it a lot of thought and wanted to support this small business as well as treat myself to some high-quality bedding. The thing that I did not understand is that there is no standard in the sizing of bedding. There is actually a range of measurements for bedding that falls under the umbrella of "queen size". When I wrote to Parachute customer service, the response I received made me feel like this was something I should have known. Even though my mattress and duvet are queen size, everything is too big. The cover has so much extra fabric it looks awful. Of course, I can have it tailored, but I've already invested so much that I don't really want to put more money into this experience. I had actually asked customer service if there was a way to resolve the problem without making a return, but they didn't even respond to that part of my request. The long and the short of it is that the quality is fabulous but the experience with the business was not. I would not buy from this company again nor would I recommend it.

Heidi G. - Verified Buyer
Really late

I didnt get my item for over 3 months and only got an update when I asked for one....good product but it was a bad experience shopping wise.

Katie K. - Verified Buyer
Do NOT order if you're in Canada. SAVE YOUR MONEY!

I ordered $449.00 worth of this product to be shipped to Canada. When it arrived I had to pay an extra $187.98 in order to get the package. non-refundable. That amounts to $769.12 Canadian. To refund I'd loose the $187.98 and cost of shipping, so I'd still be out $187.98 and the Canadian taxes. I contacted Chelsea from customer service and she said, "As we are a US company all prices are shown in USD and we note on our website that additional taxes and fees may be assessed" I'm well aware of the US dollar. I work in the States, and I paid it with my U.S. card. The exchange was fine. I'm looking at the FedEx slip and they charged me tax on $641.76 ?!?! "...we have no control over the cost to receive your goods" Chelsea again. No kidding. Are these sheets worth 449.00 USD and tax? 7/10 yes. Are they worth $769.12? Absolutely not.

Romano - Verified Buyer
Impressive....until the first wash

I ordered just a fitted sheet just to try it out because I accidentally destroyed my fav sheet set (Costco's Kirkland sateen 540 thread) and I wanted to be able to continue using the rest of those sheets. When I first received my Parachute sheet I was SO excited! It was visibly beautiful, lux to the touch and I was in love. I put it on my bed immediately and enjoyed a silky week. Then I washed it. I noticed right away that it lost a big part of it's luster, and when I put it on, I noticed a huge blemish in the color. It's like the color ran, and there was a dark cloud on the dark color of the sheet. If I were home I'd take a pic of it, but it's a visible inkish smudge, really unsightly. All in all, I will stick with my Costco sateen sheets.

Barbara M. - Verified Buyer
The charcoal colored ones

The charcoal pillow cases show oils from your skin or hair after 2 nights. Nice fabric, very comfortable

Enzo - Verified Buyer
Pillow case design a surprise.... Center Overlap is a poor design

Excellent Material. But the pillow design was a surprise. I'd much prefer the usual style pillow case where entry is at one end only . The Middle entry design does not always stay Closed and limits use to only one side of pillow case..Single entry pillow case at one end is a better design making it more functional ( can use both sides of pillow case and making it more aesthetic ( pillow is not visible through overlap in center that does not always stay closed.

Jay C. - Verified Buyer
Bad product, poor communication

Sheets are rough and certainly not worth what I paid for them. Product was backordered for weeks but I was not notified of that when my order was placed.

Rebecca - Verified Buyer
Poorly fitted sheets that wrinkle like no other!

Don't waste your money on the sheets. I bought king size and they are huge even after washing several times.

Will H. - Verified Buyer
Sheet doesn't stay on

I loved the experience of buying and receiving the sheets. But the sheets just weren't as nice as the sheets I had before. My fitted sheet that I was replacing got a rip in it so I bought the fitted sheet and the top sheet. It was expensive but I bought into the brand. Once I got the sheets I returned the top sheet because it seemed like a waste because I liked my old sheet better. I was willing to break in the fitted sheet and give it a shot. Months later - I hate the sheet. Every morning I wake to the sheet slipping off the bed where my head it. It simple does not stay on my bed. Full sheet on a full bed and it comes off or nearly comes off every day. I want to replace it but I feel like it was a huge waste of money. I bought into the concept and brand. The packaging and return was easy - but the product does not stand the test of time.

Samantha A. - Verified Buyer
Disappointing and Overpriced

I was really excited to buy a duvet from you because of what I saw and read on the website. I justified the price by assuming it would be a really great product. Unfortunately, the material is nothing special. It is not soft at all (even though your site said it gets softer as you wash it; this is not true). The material feels cheaper than something half the price at Target. It is incredibly wrinkly constantly, even the second it is pulled out of the dryer and immediately after steaming it (which I should not have to). Overall, I'm disappointed in the product. If anything, the material is rough at best and nowhere near as nice as a duvet that costs considerably less.

Disappointed C. - Verified Buyer