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Parachute Reviews

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Advertised as shipping to APOs. Had been waiting weeks on end without anyone willing to determine the actual problem with the returned shipments. I wasted valuable time and now have no fresh new towels for my guests, and will be looking elsewhere for my new towels and sheets. Beyond disappointing. Still waiting for my refund; I initially ordered ~2 months ago.

Jennifer T. - Verified Buyer
Snail mail shipping for a $85 sheet

Wouldn't buy again.

Susan K. - Verified Buyer
Well. I never got my

Well. I never got my refund. Does it go back on the same gift card? Cuz, I don’t have that gift card ang more

Andrea K. - Verified Buyer

I placed a second order for my parachute pillows that were suppose to be firm, but are very soft..

Robyn A. - Verified Buyer

I spent 100 dollars on two towels. I did not mind spending the money as I had heard great reviews on the products. The towels are super thin (which I originally thought was great until I used one) and not very absorbent. Using them feels more like brushing the water off than towelling dry.

William R. - Verified Buyer
I plan to return these

For the price, very rough feel. These feel very stiff and cardboard, and the top sheet is much too big - actually causes me to get worse sleep.

Stuart G. - Verified Buyer

Oh look….the pillow shams are still sitting over there on the chair, unopened…..they were a holiday gift. But it took twenty-nine days for them to arrive. Didn’t quite make it in time………...

Don N. - Verified Buyer

I bought two robes, one for my daughter in law and one for me. She loved hers,but I never received mine! I contacted customer service and they just sent me the tracking hoeing delivered. I know my UPS delivery person and he doesn’t leave things at door. I live 6 unit condo and he needs to be let in. You should of sent a new one out to me.

Nicki T. - Verified Buyer
Looks 10, Quality 1

I bought the plush robe. Sadly it had a run in the fabric. Luckily I am near the one retail store where they nicely exchanged it. A few weeks later (it was seldom worn and not washed) I noticed the fabric was coming apart underneath the back collar. I returned it. It was not expensive, but I had expected it to last more than a month. Disappointing as I had also bought slippers and I am now stuck with them and no matching robe.

Stephanie J. - Verified Buyer

Got my girlfriend a expensive parachute robe and a 15 dollar Costco robe and gave her a choice without knowing brand or price. She picked the Costco . Maybe she has bad taste but she said it was more comfortable. It’s also better quality than we expected

Patrick C. - Verified Buyer