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Parachute Reviews

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Adjust your expectations

Perhaps I had too high of expectations going into this, but I bought into the hype willingly. What I bought: A Venice sheet set along with two extra pillow shams for a king bed. What I thought: For the price, they didn't live up to the hype. I realize there are lots of other options out there that are MUCH more expensive, but from everything I read, Canopy was supposed to be the crème de la crème of sheets at their price point. The Costco sheets I had prior were softer, held up well and cheaper. Would I do it again: No.

Matt - Verified Buyer
Beautiful Product But...

Beautiful Product But... Returning and exchanging had some issues. These were finally sorted - THANK YOU - but I ddi feel that the system was not really set up for seamless, easy, hassle free exchange of product. Love the product and will definitely purchase again.

tamara k. - Verified Buyer
Wonderful packaging, ok sheets this far

I can't say enough about the packaging and brand! I am a fan. The fitted sheet is very deep. For those of you with deep mattresses, it's great. I have an average mattress and it doesn't fit tightly even with the infinity elastic. Also, the sheets were less smooth than I expected. We come from Hotel brand sheets and these seemed crunchier. I'm hoping they break in over time. Overall, not a bad product for the price, but I would not reorder given the fit issue.

Becky - Verified Buyer
Sheets are stiff

I did a lot of research before I bought these sheets & I thought I had found the perfect ones. Sadly they are much stiffer than I anticipated. I read that it can take many washings before they soften up, but I am disappointed that they didn't feel as soft as the sample fabric hat was sent. Hoping they soften up... We will see.

melissa w. - Verified Buyer
Wanted to love

The customer service is stellar. I love the mission and concept. I looked forward to this bedding and wanted to love it. I got the percale Venice set in ash, plus some shams. It was not soft. The pillow case felt like sand paper on my face. They said it would get softer with washes but I didn't want to wait. Pretty bummed. I returned it and the staff was superb when I needed to contact them. Wish it would've worked out!

Sarah - Verified Buyer
Pillow Talk

I was excited to find Parachute b/c the act of shopping for pillows at a dept. store or big box home store is no fun. And I was happy they had a risk-free return policy. We tried the down alternative pillow in Medium and Soft. I didn't fall in love with either - one too firm, one too soft. I've thought about returning them and trying a different version, but I haven't yet. I like the idea of Parachute, and I'm intrigued by the new towel line. But for my personal preference, those pillows aren't the end of my search.

Robin S. - Verified Buyer

The packaging was great. I don't think the sheets are all that soft. I'm not really impressed with the pillowcases either, extremely wrinkled after washing them. I'm thinking I am going to return them.

Karlie K. - Verified Buyer
Not sure?

Ordering and shipment was great. I love the style of the pillowcases. I still cannot tell if I like the fabric of the pillowcases yet. I've washed them numerous times to get more of the stiffness out but it hasn't helped. If I can get the stiffness to go away, I think I'll be happy.

Dawn V. - Verified Buyer
not as soft as expected

Ordering was easy and delivery was fast, presentation was very cute and I appreciate that you can buy singles of what you want and not pay for things you dont (for me thats a top sheet). Downside was that the sheets arent quite as soft as I was hoping. Hopefully they'll soften up after some time.

Rachel - Verified Buyer
It's a mediocre product.

The blanket / comforter also feels just like a sheet. Not thick enough and doesn't look like the one in the picture.

Todd G. - Verified Buyer