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Parachute Reviews

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not enthusiastic about product or returns

You sheets are thin and not worth the $$$. I returned them day after I received and waited three weeks for a refund. Maybe you’re a small business, but in today’s Amazon world, neither will do. I fact I purchased sheets via Amazon for 1/2 the price and far better quality. Received sheets quicker than you and when I had a problem with the extra pillowcases they responded immediately and made it right within a week. Good luck.

Lynn S. - Verified Buyer
Product Snags very easily

For a $100 robe you would think the quality would be a lot better for the Fabric. Very disappointed, I got this for my GF for Christmas and was expecting great things based off the reviews of other products and have been let down.

James f. - Verified Buyer
Not the down pillow I was looking for

Felt more like a cotton pillow than a down pillow, and didn’t get the support I wanted from it. I guess the search continues....

Tanner G. - Verified Buyer
Poor Quality, it's just Marketing!!!! AVOID

I paid $290 for a set of bedding (Percale Venice Set), less than six months later the bedding has faded from a light baby blue to dirty grey. NOT what you expect from sheets that cost nearly $300!! Washed and cared for as per the guidelines on their website. $30 sheets from Amazon have held up better. Their response 'I don't have any other information or insight to offer here' Parachute are another one of these straight from the manufacturer companies with bad quality products, sold at extortionate prices, should have used some of that marketing budget on your products... Will not buy again, save your money!

N L. - Verified Buyer
Horrible experience

The quality of the duvet cover was poor. It was much larger than a traditional queens size and was also transparent enough where the duvet inside is visible from outside the cover. Also, a button has already fallen off when it arrived and a second button fell off a month later. After numerous emails with customer service, they provided a $30 credit to have the button repaired. When the 2nd button fell off, they said I would have to send the whole set including sheet and pillowcases back in order to get a new cover. Ridiculous that ai would need to go through that inconvenience. They act as though they're doing a favor and reality is the products should haven have passed quality control. Bad all around.

Cathy I. - Verified Buyer
Oversized / rough & terrible

Please don't purchase these sheets - we hate them and have thought about calling to send them back. It is almost impossible to get them on the bed because of the crazy size of them... They are NOT soft and forget about wrinkles - it looks like they were wadded up and thrown in a corner when you take them out of the dryer. Save your time and $$.

EM - Verified Buyer
worst sheets ever purchased

Sleeping on sandpaper would've been more comfortable. The claims this company makes are totally false. Their customer service was great--no hassle, quick refund, etc., but to say I was disappointed in the product would be a severe understatement.

Stephanie - Verified Buyer
Very underwhelming

The quality of the sheets and bedding did not meet my expectations.

Daniel C. - Verified Buyer
Twice as expensive and less comfortable than Costco sateen sheets

My last set of sheets were $60 from Costco. It included four pillow cases, a flat sheet, and a fitted sheet. It was smooth and comfortable, which are the qualities I wanted from sateen sheets. My Parachute sheets felt rough, pilly, and warm. They were thinner, so it felt essentially like I was sleeping on the warm surface of my mattress and pillow. I spent about a month trying to make the sheets work, but now I'm returning them.

Steve T. - Verified Buyer
Good fabric, bad to wash and doesn't fit

I spent 250 bucks for the linen fog cover. After notificing it is sized bigger than stated and leaving nearly a foot of each extra fabric on my bed,i tried washing it. Then it got discolored.mind,you I washed in cold water by itself. Spoke to customer service and they were little help.

Nidhi P. - Verified Buyer