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Parachute Reviews

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Late to let me know

Late to let me know when my order was coming.

Kevin H. - Verified Buyer
Not impressed and expensive

Sheets are too thick and not soft that all, perhaps after several washes they will be better but for the price i will not buy them again.

Katia T. - Verified Buyer
Standard Down Pillows - Medium

Pillows became flat and flimsy after a week of use. I would not recommend.

Aleksandra L. - Verified Buyer
Nothing special!!

Nothing special!!

Camille R. - Verified Buyer
Not there yet...

I have heard it takes a few washings to soften linen sheets. We are 3-4 washes in and it's not very soft. Not sure what to do...

Catherine M. - Verified Buyer
King fitted sheet and king duvet too big!

Hello. I did my research on linen sheets and pulled the trigger, spent the money & bought Parachute. My complaint is that the king size sheets are way too big for my king size bed. The duvet cover I can handle but it hangs down noticeably. It's the fitted king sheet that is really annoying. I bought some sheets clips and still it bunches up and wont stay tight. I cant return , we have had them for 2 months, I thought they might shrink or the clips would work. I want so badly to love this bedding. I do like the color and texture. Cant just throw them in the closet as I've never paid this price for sheets in my life. Can whoever's reading this give me some feedback? Have other customers had this issue? Thank you, Tony Nelson

Tony N. - Verified Buyer

Hi, I recently bought a blanket and when I opened it up it had dirt stains all over it. I'm not sure if I should wash it because it may come out easily but I don't want to have issues returning if it doesn't. Please advice. Thank you!  Jessica

Jessica H. - Verified Buyer
Not what I expected

I bought the linen sheets in white and I’m quite disappointed. I’ve washed them 3 times now and they are still super scratchy. The duvet cover doesn’t fit very well and the button closers are way too tight and hard to close. Plus there is an extra flap of fabric that gets very bunched up

Tori H. - Verified Buyer
Love the towel but dislike the rough, decorative band

I love the classic towels - very soft and quick drying! I do not like the rough, scratchy decorative band on each end. I wish the towel would be band free (like higher end Yves DeLorme, Abyss, and Turkish cotton towels). Will be returning them, unfortunately. : (

Stephanie T. - Verified Buyer

Great quality but had to return because it didn’t fit properly.

Susan L. - Verified Buyer