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I ordered the linen duvet set for a full sized bed in the size "full/queen". This size would imply that it fits both a full and queen. I thought this was a bit odd because those are DIFFERENT sized beds but I figured the folks at Parachute know more about this stuff than I do. I go to put on my duvet and there is literally a 2 foot overhang of fabric in which there is none of my duvet insert left to "stuff" it. It looks sloppy and disgusting. This is LAZY design on the part of Parachute. Why are you charging me for extra linen for a product that doesn't fit the beds it claims to? I am furious and will NEVER order from here again.

Erin G. - Verified Buyer
Waffle towels

We don’t like the towels, get damp so quick and very thin. So soft but not ideal for showers and long hair. I will need to return

Kelsey O. - Verified Buyer
Poor fit and finish

The arms are too long for the length of the robe. The material is very rough. I will be returning and would not purchase another robe from here.

Ryan E. - Verified Buyer
Exfoliating sheets!

These are the scratchiest sheets we have ever laid on. I feel like I’m at a spa every time I lay down but the part when they scrub my body to remove skin cells. I was so excited to put these well advertised sheets on my bed only to have to convince my husband over and over that THIS is what what all the cool kids are doing. At least we now have smooth skin!

Shannon S. - Verified Buyer
Terrible rough sheets

These sheets were very low quality. Just a marketing scheme by parachute to sell you $15 sheets for $100. Do not buy.

Sedat Y. - Verified Buyer
Caused Allergic Reaction

I have had multiple featherbeds, from different companies, and have never had an allergic reaction before. But I did have a strong allergic reaction to this feather bed. I am all the more disappointed as it was comfortable...until it caused itching, sneezing, and sniffling.

Kaitlyn T. - Verified Buyer

As you guys know I bought that recently and I did the first wash as recommended and for my surprise there is a lot of spots fade. For a 99$ bath robe that is definitely not nice.

Eduardo H. - Verified Buyer
Not impressed

If you’re looking for a luxury experience, keep looking. I knew as soon as I picked up the shipping box that I’d be was too lightweight. Guess there’s a reason they try to tell you that “thread count doesn’t matter”. It matters to me. I opened the package and just felt the sheet...soft, yes, but very thin. If you like that maybe you’ll be happy. I wasn’t. Returned it immediately.

Joy B. - Verified Buyer
Fell Apart

Spent $500 bucks and the sheets had holes after the first wash! Returned.

Erin L. - Verified Buyer
Not as advertised

I thought these sheets would be luxurious but they are very crunchy. It says it will get softer with washing but we have washed it many times and it has not improved. I can buy much cheaper and more luxurious feeling sheets. Not worth it. Not what was advertised. Does not feel like five star hotel sheets

Nina K. - Verified Buyer