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Parachute Reviews

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Had no impact

Unfortunately the topper made no difference. Wasn't thick enough.

Salah A. - Verified Buyer
I really don't like the

I really don't like the way the fabric feels. First, the material is pretty scratchy against my skin. Second, maybe these sheets would be more comfortable in the winter, but in the summer, they trap heat in a pretty miserable way. I did opt to give the sheets two stars instead of one because they do look nice and they seem to be well constructed. If you want your sheets to trap heat, maybe these would be a good choice for you, but they weren't for me. I'm looking in to how to return them.

Marguerite S. - Verified Buyer

Ordered my daughter the robe. So excited! Snagged, fabric isn’t worth the cost! 😔

Denise D. - Verified Buyer
Not as expected

I have been very satisfied with all my past orders until this one. I tried reading all the reviews to figure out which pillow to get. I decided on the medium firm and it’s more like firm. Too firm to sleep on.

Barbara E. - Verified Buyer
Pillow cases

Really disappointed in the pillow cases we received. Size doesn’t fit correctly and immediately shrunk even after following the washing instructions.

Zach T. - Verified Buyer
Second set not as great as the first

We have had 1 set of Parachute sheets for well over a year and we absolutely LOVE them. So, we decided to order a second set recently. However, the second set is not nearly as soft and cool as the first set. We're not sure what changed, but the quality is just not there anymore.

Jeremy P. - Verified Buyer
wrong size sent

I received one sheet that was the wrong size.

Diane R. - Verified Buyer
Not very durable

After the first wash, most of the towels have strings hanging off of them. One of the towels is badly discolored (bleached) likely due to anti-acne face cream. They take a long time to hang dry. Towels themselves are very soft and a nice color, but don't expect them to hold up for a long time.

John D. - Verified Buyer
Comfortable but color loss

Very comfortable but color faded (blush) within first month. Also not sure I like the design since you can't flip the pillow and sleep on the other slide, like you can with pillowcases where the opening slit is on one of the ends.

Louie L. - Verified Buyer
too frumpy

sheet stretches out too much seems to grow overnight. not worth the $

Stella E. - Verified Buyer