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Parachute Reviews

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Not Worth The Hassle

I made a first purchase to Parachute for an important gift. The sheet arrived in terrible condition, completely sliced down the packaging and across the card and the cut up sheet. Then I proceeded to try to call customer service for 7 days and the online app gave me an error message for a week also. The online chat person was extra sarcastic, so I returned the sheet locally, and ordered another, only because my relative had been promised this item. When they arrived, the colors were too faded and the sheets were pilled, and very unusually wrinkled when she washed them. Ironing was not going to be an option for her. so she was disappointed after all in the end. A waste of time for such a costly item, when there are cheaper sets out there.

Carolyn J. - Verified Buyer
So flat

Box arrived so damaged - which whatever. But, the pillow itself is so flat and not comfortable. Pretty upset with such an expensive purchase to receive pillow that is not comfy. Bummer.

Michael D. - Verified Buyer
Towels are soft, but not colorfast.

I bought a set of towels in light gray. I washed them before the first use, and they were super soft and plush. Between the first and second wash, they started to show bleached spots. I have no idea what was bleaching them, but I have not changed any products or habits from my prior towels (Pottery Barn organic cotton). They keep getting more bleached spots on them, and now they are an embarrassment to hang in my bathroom. I hate to have to landfill these towels after a few weeks of using them. Such a shame.

Rebecca N. - Verified Buyer
Brand new and there is already a hole in it

I bought the percale set and the duvet already had a hole in it, bought these for quality but that makes me question the quality.

Christine S. - Verified Buyer
Presentable but Not Functional

I adore my sheets and blankets. However, I deeply regret my decision to buy the split-back pillow cases. I honestly hate them a lot haha. Sure they look really nice when they're just sitting on my bed (better than the side-opening ones would), but they are impossible to keep closed when using them. I know that my pillows are not too large because there is enough bunched up fabric to manually unfurl across the gap over the pillow, but if I let go the the two sides just curl back open. Again, overall very comfortable, cool, and pretty, but this single detail has been very frustrating.

Jj E. - Verified Buyer
It’s ok

Just ok. Not super soft and definitely not amazing.

Suzanne S. - Verified Buyer

The zipper appears to be fairly low quality (not a YKK). The seams are uneven and the finish isn’t that great. It’s ok. It’s just not the quality I’d expect from a 20 dollar pillowcase. I think I’m done buying from a D2C company known for Instagram appeal.

Shohei I. - Verified Buyer
Wrong size

I love the item but was sent the wrong size; I ordered a large and was sent a small

Hayden W. - Verified Buyer

Doesnt seem to dry as well as I thought it would, also thought it would be thicker

Dana R. - Verified Buyer
Did not think fabric great

Did not think fabric great

Lois P. - Verified Buyer