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Parachute Reviews

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Linen Collection set and Duvet

I heard amazing reviews about all of the products especially the bedding, so I went ahead a took advantage of the 20% during xmas. I got the linen set and all year duvet. I love the duvet insert, downside is that its too small for the duvet cover which is so strange, its about a foot shorter. The linen is a bit rough, my husband really dislikes it. I chose linen because it says cooling , I thought this would help with the night sweats. I think I would love to try another collection instead. my I can try the pillow cases first before splurging and getting the cover and fitted sheet, it gets so pricey.

jennifer d. - Verified Buyer
Doesn’t fit well or feel high quality

Have the queen size fitted sheet and pillow cases. They are baggy and bunch and don’t fit well. They don’t feel particularly soft or high quality and have washed them 10+ times at this point. I can not justify the cost nor do I understand it at all.

Carly L. - Verified Buyer
Super comfortable, but not a perfect fit

My first set of parachute sheets fit my bed perfectly. They are several years old and aging great. I bought 2 new sets of sheets recently and was disappointed that they don’t fit as well as my older sheets. They are still nice, but they are pretty expensive to not fit well.

Ari F. - Verified Buyer
Disapointed with product

I was very excited to present this robe to my wife as she was LONG overdue for a new robe. While she has indicated it is very comfortable, she has only been using it for two-three weeks and already it is starting to come apart. It has not yet been in the washing machine and the threads are coming undone.

Jonathan H. - Verified Buyer
Waffle towels

Towels took a bit long to arrive, but it was Christmas time, so I cannot fault anyone for that. But honestly the waffle towels do a poor job of actually drying me. Their one job is where they are failing. They are very stylish, my wife loves the way they look. But they do not dry us very well. Kind of ridiculous.

Greg M. - Verified Buyer
linen sheets

Not as soft as I had heard. I'm hopeful they will soften with more washes.

Nanc C. - Verified Buyer
Bath robe

The material is much thinner than I expected. It seems like only two or three layers. This seems more like a $30 robe rather than $100 robe. It is definitely not going to work in winter as I had hoped.

Shyla S. - Verified Buyer
poor quality control

Got for my wife.Many loose threads on outside like snags.Expecting much better quality

Chuck S. - Verified Buyer
If only they would stay on...

I love the sheets. They feel amazing the first night or two after I put them on my tempurpedic mattress. However, I move quite a bit when I sleep and within one or two nights the fitted sheet rides up and gets bunch/messy, and then the corner of the sheet comes undone and slides to the middle of the bed. Pretty irritating when it happens in the middle of the night. I make my bed every morning but without fail it continues to happen. I think this is happening because the fitted sheet fits mattresses up to “18 inches deep. If I had to guess my mattress is somewhere between 14 and 16 inches, so there is a lot of slack. Wish there was an option for thinner mattresses.

Zachary S. - Verified Buyer
Like but don’t love

The pillow cases are a little bit for a standard size pillow and wrinkle terribly. That being said they are very soft. So it’s a definite trade off if you can live with super wrinkled pillow cases or suffer with ironing them often.

Philip P. - Verified Buyer