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Parachute Reviews

3522 Reviews
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Not high quality

Sheets looked attractive, but feel rough to the touch. Not cooling percale. Will not repurchase.

Shannon M. - Verified Buyer

I really like that they have the envelope closure, but other than that, I do not get the hype. They are very expensive, and the fabric is only okay.

Whitney D. - Verified Buyer
Love love love, but quality issues

I love the color of the bone duvet and shams. Unfortunately after only a month a button came off. Another month later we found another button off.. now there are two areas of the seam that have unraveled. Disappointed that it hasn’t held up.

Jessica N. - Verified Buyer
Great for one night

The first night I slept on my Parachute pillow was wonderful. I thought I'd finally found the perfect pillow for me. But by the second night, it was just as flat as any other pillow I've tried - most of which were way less expensive than this one. I contacted support and they suggested washing it. That actually helped and it was decent for a couple of nights afterwards, but soon returned to flatness and no support once again. I've switched to another pillow already. A pillow you have to wash every few days to keep it supportive isn't worth it. I would not recommend this pillow to anyone unless they were a fan of flat pillows or washing their pillow twice a week.

Christy G. - Verified Buyer
Dye didn't last

I bought a robe and after a week of wearing the onside of the robe faded off in patches, outside looks fine so far. Material and fit are very comfortable though

Yanina S. - Verified Buyer
Nice robe—but don’t dry it.

This robe is well made and feels great on. But be careful about putting it in the dryer. I followed the care instructions as I always do, but out of a cool dryer it’s shrunk and ruined.

Daniel B. - Verified Buyer
Wanted to love it

I wanted to love this mattress topper. Unfortunately, it flattens and the filling bunches quickly. I give it a quick fluff before bed every night and have been turning or flipping weekly, but in only a few weeks it’s become significantly flatter and less supportive than it was on arrival. It’s also a bit warm to sleep in - fine for cooler days, but not ideal for a hot summer.

Abigail C. - Verified Buyer
What happened to ivory percale sheets?

I was disappointed to see that ivory is no longer offered for sheets, as that’s what I have now. I ordered sand, thinking it would have a beige tone. Unfortunately, it is light grey. I don’t want bright white or a a darker color. What to do?

Suzanne R. - Verified Buyer
Side Sleeper Pillow

The pillow sleeps very flat and is not as supportive as the product description and images depict.

Christine B. - Verified Buyer

I really like the color and material but the cut is weird. The amount fabric in the bottom doesn’t match the top. So above my waist is big and around my knees is wide open. I think it was a defected robe.

Angela G. - Verified Buyer