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Parachute Reviews

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Great customer service, not a great product

Unfortunately, despite my strong desire to want to love this company, the product just doesn't cut it. I ordered the sateen set (supposedly the softest fabric) it was SO scratchy and rough. I have never had such rough sheets in my life. They were so bad in fact that I thought perhaps they had made a mistake and sent me the wrong set. So I ordered fabric swatches (another $9) and to my dismay discovered that they were in fact the correct set. Once you wash the sateen it immediately turns to cheap, rough sheets that pill.

Sad S. - Verified Buyer
It's okay, I've purchased better sheets at Costco...

Maybe my expectations were set too high, but overall the Percale sheets I received are just a meager okay 3/5. I'm sure they will get better with continued washes and soften up a bit, but the texture isn't heavenly. Great branding, packaging, company overall! Maybe I should have gone with the Sateen...

AJ M. - Verified Buyer
Too Rough and Large

the sheets seem to be rougher than I expected for the money and the size for a full bed leaves a good amount of slack.

Davis O. - Verified Buyer
Nothing special

I was really looking forward to my set being particularly comfy and special. Really it ended up being just fine. I've found similar quality in the Shabby Chic collection at Target.

Chris - Verified Buyer
Returned - quality not as

Returned - quality not as expected

Mark T. - Verified Buyer
Strange fit - size up if you have curves

I wanted to like this robe. The fabric is gorgeous, but the fit is very strange over the boobs and hips - lots of gaping. Would suggest sizing up if you have a large bust and/or hips, and even then I have doubts about the coverage. I wish it had a modesty tie on the inside to help keep it closed - even with the belt tied the robe would gape open over my chest… Not very cozy. I gave it away to a friend.

Lauren S. - Verified Buyer

I was really looking forward to these after pending so much but the rust color duvet cover as soon as I set it up, I noticed two quarter size holes. Pretty disappointed. I love the slippers, robe and pillows. I feel like I received a few used items though. Plan to return this and the sheets I bought for my son because the color was off.

Heather N. - Verified Buyer
Linen sheets

So I have had your sheets for about six months now, thought the price point was a little high at the time of purchase. After six months there are wear holes and very thin spots as if they had been on my bed since the 70s. Love the color but the quality is just not there. Would not recommend to anyone Parachute as a maker of high quality!

Patrick R. - Verified Buyer
Pillow too big and firm

My neck hurts after a month of trying to get used to it. I usually give up and switch it out with a slimmer/flatter pillow midway into the night.

Susan L. - Verified Buyer
Not the quality we expected

From all the reviews and articles we read about linen sheets, Parachute stood head and shoulder above the rest. However, when we purchased and slept on the sheets, we discovered that they were not as soft and comfortable as anticipated, and the the bottom sheet simply did not fit our Cal King bed. We woke up to a puddle of fabric in the middle of the bed, very disappointing.

Beryl M. - Verified Buyer