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Parachute Reviews

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Comfortable Sheets, but missed the fine print

The percale bedding and towels are comfortable and of high quality, but they bleach VERY easily upon any contact with benzoyl peroxide — much more so than any bedding or clothing I’ve ever owned. I ruined a pillow case and towel on first use that way. A shame, because they’re pricy.

Jared G. - Verified Buyer

One of our pillowcases came with a big tear in the seam. I do love the comforter, though.

Meggan G. - Verified Buyer
Almost loved everything

The sheets are fine. My duvet cover arrived with a huge tear along the seam. I didn’t want to have to send it back and wait for a new one so I just sewed it up myself.

Rachel O. - Verified Buyer
Soft but not well made

We like these large, soft towels but after a few washings, the strings are unravelling on one of them.

Jessica B. - Verified Buyer
Not Very Soft

I bought linen sheets and they’re pretty scratchy. I’ve washed them about 10 times by now and they’ve gotten a little better but not by much. I’m going to keep them because I like the color, but I’m not sure they’re worth the money, probably wouldn’t buy them again. I really wanted to like them! Maybe I’ll try another type of fabric when there are more color options.

Simone S. - Verified Buyer

A well made pillow. Not as supportive as I hoped for given the description and reviews.

Patricia S. - Verified Buyer
Good Towels

While I do like the towels they did arrive with some pulls in the fabric on both a bath towel and a hand towel. Straight from the box. Other than this they are otherwise nice but given the price, dissapointed they came damaged.

Alexandra D. - Verified Buyer
Scratch Fury

Linen sheets start off scratchier than I anticipated. Very cool temperature-wise though. Pillow case did rip while I was trying to insert a pillow. That was sad.

Nelson C. - Verified Buyer
Disappointing Texture and Smell

I love percale sheets for their crisp coolness, and I took a chance on these because I wanted this color stripe. The Parachute sheets, however, are are not as crisp as other brands I’ve purchased. They are a bit rough, and therefore not as cool as I had hoped. They also came with a smell, which although diminishing, has persisted through 3 washes. (I use Charlie’s laundry soap with no perfumes).

Judith F. - Verified Buyer

products ok, nothing special though. tad disappointed in spending as much money on sheets as i did.

Michael E. - Verified Buyer