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Bit pricey $300 for bedding's without the flat sheet, only 2 pillow cases, 1 fitted and 1 comforter sheet. I would expect higher thread count also.

Yoko S. - Verified Buyer
Initial impression: average sheets

These sheets were rougher than I expected based on reviews. May need to be washed a few more times to break them in. My sheets arrived later than expected (part of the order was backordered and their policy is to ship everything together--this was not clear), but customer service was quick to respond when I emailed inquiring about the status of my order.

Lauren - Verified Buyer
Good experience but the sheets were just ok

I think they over-hyped a bit, at the end of the day they didn't feel any different to me than regular cheap sheets, just 4x the price.

Will - Verified Buyer
Loved the quality and design but the Sateen set wasn't as expected

Love the thickness/quality of the sheets. Also loved the sleek design with the middle envelope pillow closure to keep the pillows inside as well as the duvet cover bottom inside flap to hold the duvet inside and not pop out between the buttons. However, I had to return the sheet set. For the price I wasn't happy with how they felt. I got the sateen set and after one wash(following all washing instructions from the Parachute blog) they felt coarse/not sateen at all. I even ordered a second set thinking I got the percale by mistake but they were exactly the same. For the price tag I had to return them. If they ever change the sateen set to make them feel softer I would consider purchasing them to try again.

Jessica - Verified Buyer
Good build, but not very soft

The build quality seems very good like these sheets will hold up well and last a long time. However, my wife and I find them to be a bit scratchy feeling - not very smooth for Sateen sheets. We have washed them multiple times, not helping soften the feel much. In this price range, there are softer/smoother and nicer feeling sateen sheets that are more comfortable to sleep on.

MP - Verified Buyer
High quality, but don't fit properly

I'm a fan of the fabric, and it does in fact get softer over time, but the sheets are way too large for my bed. I have a queen tempurpedic mattress and ordered a queen set, and the fitted sheet is far too baggy. I've had these sheets for a couple of months now, and they haven't shrunk at all (which I suppose is a good thing). $200 sheets should fit my bed properly. I'm considering returning these and ordering Brooklinen instead.

Sammy N. - Verified Buyer
Close, but just didn't hit the mark

I like the set, the duvet is nice and it is getting softer which I love. Definitely not for type A personalities that like a clean ironed look as it seems impossible to get the wrinkles out. This set would easily be a 4.5 or 5 star if the fitted sheet fit better (seemed like it came too big), and if the set actually came with a flat sheet as well. Specially for the price it should include a flat sheet. I would recommend this set if it just came with a flat sheet as well.

Dwight L. - Verified Buyer
Not quite there...

I really wanted to love my sheets and duvet cover that I bought from Parachute Home, but I ended up returning my entire order. Here's why. I found the sheets too scratchy and rough. I'm not sure everyone would find them this way, but I have sensitive skin and they bothered me enough that I took them off the bed once in the middle of the night and put my old sheet back on. I also found the linen duvet cover scratchy and rough as well. Beautiful color and fabric though. I got the blush color and even my husband liked it. It was subtle and peaceful without being overly feminine. The pillowcases for the sheets have a different opening that splits them right in the back. It's a cool idea, except you can't flip your pillow over to get a cool side. So I feared that in the long run one side would get more wear and discoloration from facial oils, leftover make-up etc. So I would reconsider that opening. I would make more effort to describe the softness levels of the fabrics in the product description. I actually asked about them on Facebook and was told they were quite soft. Regarding my Facebook experience, after purchasing the sheets, someone commented on my post saying his sheets had developed holes within a few months time and that Parachute Home had been unwilling to replace them. His post was deleted. This does not inspire confidence in your company or products. In the future I suggest you actually respond to an unhappy customer and try to solve their problem. When you delete the comment I think you are trying to hide something. It's now been six days since you have received my return and still the return has not been credited to my account. Your email states 72 hours and we've now gone beyond that point. When I ordered them, you didn't have to wait six days to get paid. Additionally, when I placed the order I heard an ad for the company via a podcast and was told there was a discount for mentioning this. I was told the code was not good and was in fact a mistake. I have since heard the same ad on other podcasts. So I am not sure what to think. I would consider purchasing something from you again but only through the showroom where I could actually touch and see the product.

Lane H. - Verified Buyer
Average quality

I ordered a pair of pillowcases to try them out before buying a whole set of sheets for my bed. I didn't even use the pillowcases. I took them out of the package and could immediately tell from the feel of them, that they were no better than any other average sheet quality. I was looking for something with some weight and softness, but these were moderately thin and not all that soft. I returned them the next day.

Vicki M. - Verified Buyer
Low quality linen sheets for a high price

I recently purchased the white linen sheets from Parachute. The very detailed wrapping of the sheets when I opened the box made me extra excited to soon use them. I placed them on my bed and slept like a baby. 2 weeks went by and I deemed necessary to wash my sheets. One wash completely stole all of the luster from my original impression of them. I followed the washing directions to the T. In addition, while putting a pillow case over a pillow, one of the seams ripped. My parents have the west elm linen sheets and they have proved so sturdy through long term usage. After having Parachute sheets now after 2 months, I am very nervous that they will not last.

Max L. - Verified Buyer