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Size of fitted sheet

We got a queen size fitted sheet and it is too big. The fit is loose and floppy which I don't like for a fitted sheet. We have a select comfort queen bed. Thanks for any help you have for us.

Anna V. - Verified Buyer
Not worth the price

The sheets are nice, but not worth the price. I was expecting something amazing, but they don't seem much different from less expensive sheets. Maybe I'm just not as picky as "the Princess and the Pea."

Susan P. - Verified Buyer
Too Wrinkley

I ordered two standard pillowcases to test out the sheeting fabric before making a purchase of the sheets. The pillowcases are a wrinkled mess no matter how they are washed and dried. Wish I had the time to iron my pillowcases, but that is not in the cards for me, so I won't be purchasing the sheets.

Kim T. - Verified Buyer
Sizing too big

So as much as we love the softness of the linen, the sizing of the bottom fitted sheet is way too large. We could wrap the matress in it twice. The duvet cover is huge,. I have a european duvet from when i lived in Europe and i have at leasr 15 spare inches on the sides, and 12 inches across the top. The single version is slightly too small. Alterations will have to be made one of these days. Argh.

Allison K. - Verified Buyer
Good product needs some improvements

Love the powder blue color and the non-toxic aspect of the sheets, but they are still rough/course after several washings. The fitted sheets need to be deeper to fit most current mattresses so that the elastic part can go under the mattress for a tighter/snugger fit. And the elastic needs to be thicker and stronger for a more secure fit.

JJ - Verified Buyer
Great service, but these sheets are not for me. Depends on what you want.

I ordered Parachute sateen based on the high recommendation of a friend that did an enormous amount of research on sheets, including some that are more expensive than Parachute. That said, my expectations were high and these sheets, while perhaps lovely for some people, just were not for me. Costs add up once you add a top sheet (I'd rather have a top sheet than always wash my duvet cover) and a 2nd set of pillow cases if you have 4 pillows like me. I think it was around $270 or so all-in. However if I had loved the sheets I would have happily paid the price. My issue: - Relatively thin, didn't feel sateen like - Not soft or luxurious feeling. I washed them 5 times in 1 month as I'd heard they will soften, but they didn't soften much. I followed their specific directions for washing. - VERY wrinkly (and I'm not going to press them) compared to other sheet sets I've had. Customer service says they aren't as soft as other sheets because they are not chemically treated, so you have to decide what is important to you. It turns out I'm ok sleeping on my chemically treated sheets if they feel luxurious and super soft. I also prefer a slightly thicker sheet, though the thickness was not the deal breaker, the softness was. I also found the fitted sheet to just barely fit my pillowtop mattress, which was well within their measurements. All of that said, their return policy is risk free - so if chemical free sheets are a high priority for you, give them a try. And keep washing them. The return process was a snap, which I appreciate. It seems to be a great company, their sheets just are not for me. Best of luck to Parachute!

Jennifer D. - Verified Buyer
Quality is great, fit is poor

I love the quality of the sheets, they are wonderful. That being said, the fitted sheet is completely oversized and looks quite messy.

Brittany E. - Verified Buyer
Took a while to break in but fairly comfy now

When first purchasing the sheet and trying it out it was quite itchy and not comfy. After washing it increased drastically in comfort. After two more washes it has become very comfy. I still find it can be a little itchy during hot nights.

Alex M. - Verified Buyer
Meh - expected more for the price

I bought an entire bedding set (queen Venice + duvet insert) and was happy with my purchase. However for around $600, I would've expected more. The sheets aren't as soft as advertised and I've already washed them 3x. I don't believe the "more you wash your sheets, the softer they become" holds true since the more you wash, the more damage your sheets take. The fitting sheet is way too large. I'm not sure who has a 16" deep bed but I have a 10" and there's just too much movement. The duvet insert is very high quality, but I bought the lightweight one and it's just too hot. Maybe they should lessen the weight and lower the price. However, I will say that I compared weight, size, fill power to Brooklinen (a competitor) and dollar per weight/fill power, Parachute came out ahead. But, Brooklinen truly offers a lightweight version of the duvet insert. Also Parachute used to have a 30 day policy, but now upped it to 60 days.

Alex - Verified Buyer
Sheets not as soft as I expected

The sheets are overall decent sheets but they aren't as soft as I would've expected for the price. I don't think I'll buy another set of these sheets.

Eric B. - Verified Buyer