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Parachute Reviews

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Loses its color

The towels are super soft, but lost their color after just one wash. They now have an uneven color throughout the towel.

Melissa W. - Verified Buyer
Luxurious yes but not that soft...

I’ve had softer for sure and at this price point it should be exceptionally softer

Cristina M. - Verified Buyer
It wasn’t very soft.

It wasn’t very soft.

Jonathan H. - Verified Buyer
Don't LOOOVVEE it but it's good

The color is nice and the fabric is good. It’s the ‘rumpled’ look which is what I like the most about it. It’s a little small. I used a cheap insert for my king size bed and there is definitely not much overhang. I might use it on the queen size guest bed but don’t like the way it looks on the king at all.

Pam J. - Verified Buyer

Not quite as nice as described online.

Mark M. - Verified Buyer
should have ordered a swatch

product is really nice. just wasn't expecting a dark grey color to have as much of a purple tint as it has. disappointed.

Cynthia S. - Verified Buyer
Soft and comfortable but discolored within a month

My wife loves this gift. Its a good - just past the knee - length and extremely comfortable. She wears it daily and I have found her just lounging in it. Unfortunately the light grey fabric has discolored within a month.

Jason V. - Verified Buyer
Good product but with serious delivery problems

I bought a few sheet sets and towels during the Cyber Monday sale. Took more than 3 weeks and 2 emails to customer service to finally receive the products. Although the company did offer additional discounts because of the delays. That said, the sheets and towels are of good quality and very comfortable. I wish they have more colors and patterns to choose from.

Karen W. - Verified Buyer
Things could be improved.

I was really sold on parachute after reading multiple reviews about the sheets and decided to order. It took almost a month for my order to ship (within the US) and when I reached out to customer service, I didn’t really get clear answers on why the delay was happening. They told me my order would ship by end of week, but still no tracking for two weeks after. It was frustrating and left a bad taste in my mouth. I felt like the sheets weren’t super soft, which didn’t help how I felt about my whole experience over all. After having the sheets on for a while, they do a great job regulating temperature. I wish I had had a better experience with with parschute overall so I could feel better about future purchases.

Brittni D. - Verified Buyer
slate sateen

I'm a big fan of parachute, but after my linen fog duvet faded to a blah tan after just a year in my bedding rotation (it was used maybe half the time), I decided to try a new fabric and a darker color to avoid that dreaded tan. Purchased the slate sateen and the fabric is beautiful, but the color is.... purple. Since I can't exchange it (frustrating!!!) and got it in the once in every never sale, I'm just gonna live with it. I guess. But in the future I'd advise sticking with white!!!

Katherine J. - Verified Buyer