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Parachute Reviews

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These are ok

Based on the reviews and the marketing I thought these sheets were going to be amazing. They were fine. Soft enough, cool enough, but not great. I bought a towel as well which is much better.

Ari S. - Verified Buyer
Somewhat Scratchy

These sheets look amazing on our bed and give a modern vibe to our bedroom, but I am a bit surprised by the feel. I was expecting them to feel very soft given the price. In reality they have a slightly rough texture.

Kristy S. - Verified Buyer
Beautiful robe, not great as unisex

I love Parachute bedding - well priced and high quality! I was excited to see they now offer robes - great compliment to the bedding products. I bought the gray Turkish cotton robe for my husband for Christmas and sadly after ordering two sizes (M and L), neither was a fit. First, the length is really short ... he's 6'1" (which is a very probably height for a man) and it's silly looking coming above his knees. Then, the belt loops being sewn in are too high for his waist - they sit where a female waist would sit, not a man's which is much lower. All in all, for the price, I felt it wasn't worth it. The quality of the material is great, and the customer service at Parachute is also top notch. The product, however, needs a redesign to really accommodate the right body types and realize men and women have different shapes!

Erin C. - Verified Buyer
pretty pleased

the linen sheets are beautiful but a bit harsh on the skin. i'm hoping they will soften over time.

Lena S. - Verified Buyer
not as nice as we'd hoped

Fitted sheet is very baggy (whereas most are not). Linen is a bit rough.

Amy S. - Verified Buyer
Fine but not amazing, especially

Fine but not amazing, especially for the price.

Rebecca A. - Verified Buyer
Does the job, but ...

I was reluctant to share this review, b/c it felt a little cranky, but -- it's how I feel -- and, since you are soliciting my opinion ... I am notoriously cheap. I've been a thrift store shopper since high school and a lover of all things hand-me-down for decades. But, in this instance, I really treated myself. And yes, a $99 bathrobe qualifies as "treating myself." The bathrobe does what it should: keeps me warm in the morning, dries me off after a shower, but was it $99 worth of "doing what it should"? Eh. I'm sure it will last longer than a $35 terry robe would, and for that I am grateful. But -- until then -- I'm satisfied, but not wowed, which was kinda how I thought spending the $99 would feel. This is probably due the amazonification of shopping: but I'm so used to 2-day shipping, that it felt like it took forever to get here (which it didn't; it was just longer than 2 days). Notably, I found this robe highly reviewed on a Business Insider site. After that, lo and behold, I started hearing Parachute advertising on my local NPR station. Then it hit me: this was an affiliated review and BI was paid a portion of my purchase. Oy. If you're like me and you don't look at Oprah reviews for your next buy, or squarely do NOT need the (supposedly) best, save yourself the money, get a terry robe delivered in 2 days for 35 buck on amazon, use it for 5 years until it starts getting holes in it, KEEP using it a few more years (b/c who else is going to actually SEE the holes?) then -- when wearing it finally seems like an assault on your self-esteem -- cut it up into household rags and buy another.

Catherine W. - Verified Buyer
Pillow cases

Not as soft as I would have liked or described but maybe I should try the sateen. Also the cotton is very thin which I don’t like. My husband does not like that the closure is in the center, he likes to turn his pillow over and says it’s uncomfoetable.

Shagay H. - Verified Buyer
King fitted sheet

It was ok. Not great. Definitely not worth $100. Thin, and not very substantial feeling.

Kathryn W. - Verified Buyer
Love the sheets, customer service needs some fine-tuning

These sheets are great, but I think they need to review their returns process- I tried to do an exchange, and they messed up on the refund. They did eventually fix it with some prodding on my part. I'm really happy with the product, just a little wary about any future purchases...

Antonio T. - Verified Buyer