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Parachute Reviews

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As Good as the Ad Campaign!

A few years ago, while riding the New York Metro, I saw an ad campaign for Parachute, featuring adults and children burrowed in what appeared to be the most comfortable sheets ever. I vowed to get those sheets. Flash forward a few years later, and I own some. They are soft and comfortable and beautiful to sleep in as well as look at!

Michele M. - Verified Buyer
Love the quality, hoping for prints soon!

We love these sheets and year round comforter and cover so far (a few weeks). It would be nice to have some prints vs. solids, but we are enjoying our bedding every night of this hot summer!

Cara P. - Verified Buyer
These towels are perfect!

I bought these waffle towels to replace my very heavy terry towels. They are best described as cushiony with a large waffle pattern While lightweight, they absorb water very well and dry quickly. I have had no problem with shrinkage as some other reviewers mentioned. I would highly recommend these if anyone is hesitant to get them. Best decision in a long time!

Lee A. - Verified Buyer
Everyday Linen Quilt

I love this so much! It's simple, yet so elegant. I use the quilt as my comforter. This was a splurge for me but I think it's worth it.

Miranda B. - Verified Buyer
Love These!

I love Parachute bedding products. These are soft to start and only get softer with each wash. I have these and the linen ones I switch between, and these are a little "silkier" to the touch and my husband thinks they are a good temperature to get into (opposed to the linen ones that he thinks stay cooler, which I like personally). Thanks for the great products to enjoy nightly!

Sara B. - Verified Buyer
Sleeping on a cloud

Softest. Im hooked and never going back

Maria T. - Verified Buyer
Wonderful products

My recent purchase of brushed cotton sheets, a mattress cover and Turkish Bathroom Towels is a winner. The cotton is very comfortable against my skin and a delight to feel. Each item was packaged in a delightful way that made unwrapping part of the enjoyment. The colors i selected fit my mood perfectly whether drifting off to sleep or bathing. My oversized bath towel is a luxurious experience I could only dream of before now. I my life I have been reasonably frugal with my disposable income purchase. Parachute products are proving to be wise investment. A bit more expensive that my usual choice of items but well worth the difference. I am extremely pleased with myself and with Parachute products. My expectation is to add to my collection of Parachute items including a bathrobe and pajamas. Wonderful products.

Stephen A. - Verified Buyer
Beautiful quilt

This is a quality quilt/coverlet, and exactly as it appears. It’s somehow light and weighty at the same time. Very nice color, too. Love!

Morgan A. - Verified Buyer
Love it!!

Love it!!

Joseph S. - Verified Buyer
Love this linen!!!

Bought the nicest pillow cases. Bedtime just got way better.

Christina M. - Verified Buyer