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Parachute Reviews

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Yummy product

The waffle hand towels are comfy and luxurious! One of my favorite things!

Rochelle C. - Verified Buyer

After reading all the reviews, I splurged on myself and got the sheets and duvet cover. In all honesty, the box sat unopened for a week because I felt guilty about the price tag and was going to send them back. Let me tell you folks, this is THE BEST bedding I have ever slept in. Comfortable, cool, and serene. If you're on the fence, go for it!

Jena H. - Verified Buyer

Decided to splurge on some linen sheets and duvet cover...always wanted them and they don't disappoint! Love the rumpled lived in look and they feel amazing on my skin. Even comfortable in the extreme heat we just had in the PNW. I do wish there were ties in all the corners of the duvet cover. I only found ties in two corners and my blanket likes to float around inside the duvet... A little annoying but not a deal breaker. The sheets are 100% worth it

Alicia G. - Verified Buyer

We love it, soooo comfy! Our granddaughters sneak into our room during the day to crawl in bed and watch tv.

Lisa E. - Verified Buyer
Believe the hype.

Believe the hype.

Kaitlyn H. - Verified Buyer
i love(d) these sheets!!

i only used them for one week before i lost these sheets to a flood that took out everyone’s basements in my county. i’m hoping to replace them once i’m on the other side of this disaster because they were my favorite linen sheets (that’s saying a lot; i have 3 other sets from different DTC brands.) 🖤

Dana R. - Verified Buyer
Purchase of bedding.

Incredible quality and the color is exactly what I needed. The cost is reasonable for the quality. Love how it has added beautiful color to my bedroom.

Martha R. - Verified Buyer
As Good as the Ad Campaign!

A few years ago, while riding the New York Metro, I saw an ad campaign for Parachute, featuring adults and children burrowed in what appeared to be the most comfortable sheets ever. I vowed to get those sheets. Flash forward a few years later, and I own some. They are soft and comfortable and beautiful to sleep in as well as look at!

Michele M. - Verified Buyer
Love the quality, hoping for prints soon!

We love these sheets and year round comforter and cover so far (a few weeks). It would be nice to have some prints vs. solids, but we are enjoying our bedding every night of this hot summer!

Cara P. - Verified Buyer
These towels are perfect!

I bought these waffle towels to replace my very heavy terry towels. They are best described as cushiony with a large waffle pattern While lightweight, they absorb water very well and dry quickly. I have had no problem with shrinkage as some other reviewers mentioned. I would highly recommend these if anyone is hesitant to get them. Best decision in a long time!

Lee A. - Verified Buyer