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Wool Dryer Balls Reviews

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Dryer balls are one of those things that you think about getting, but you keep putting it off. It seems 'nice' but not 'necessary.' But already, after 4 loads of clothes, I am a believer. And they don't go clunk, clunk, clunk in the dryer. Really a 'worth it' purchase.

bette m.
Great for alternative to dryer sheets

These work great with my towels and sheets and got rid of the static for all the loads. They have held up really well and have not shown any signs of shedding. I highly recommend them.


I just purchased these a few days ago to specifically wash my Percale duvet/pillow cases - and they're awesome! I love that they last for over 1,000 washes (which is crazy!) because it'll end up saving me money by not buying dryer sheets. I ended up using them to dry my clothes too, and I actually could see and feel the difference when I took them out of the dryer. I didn't have any wrinkles in my clothes, and it brought my vintage tees back to life by making them soooo soft. These are definitely a must-buy for sure! Did I mention they last for over 1,000 cycles?!

Hunter W.
Love these!

Natural and planet-friendly.... and really cut down on drying time. What a great gift idea for someone who already has everything!!

Jennifer R.
They work as advertised!

I've been interested in finding a replacement for dryer sheets. I've used these a few times now and I am happy with them. Clothes are soft, drying time seems reduced, and no static cling. I'm curious to see what happens to them over time and how I will know when it's time to replace but I'm happy with this purchase and would buy again.

Dustin R. - Verified Buyer
Balls do make a different

Balls do make a different and no chemicals!

Kathleen M. - Verified Buyer
Don't Reduce Static

I throw 3 dryer balls in the dryer with my laundry and my clothes are even more static-y than with dryer sheets. Very bummed about that. Thankful to help the environment because I will never use dryer sheets again, but these do not cut out the static cling at all.

Ericka W.

After reading the reviews, I thought I'd give these a shot. Have been using them for over a week and see no difference whatsoever in drying time which was one of the main reasons I bought them. I do notice a slight difference in that the clothes do seems a bit softer. I wouldn't purchase them again.

Wool shearing leaves sheep bloodied

But most people don't know that clothing made from sheep's wool comes from an equally cruel industry, and that the shearing process often leaves sheep battered and bloodied. ...

Lynn F.