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Wool Dryer Balls Reviews

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Parachute lands

These are my second purchase of Parachute dryer balls. The first lasted about two years. Good product that works as advertised.

Philip K. - Verified Buyer
Wool Drying Balls

Eco friendly, inexpensive what is not to like. They help soften clothes without the chemicals and plastics found in fabric softeners. We will be buying more.

William K. - Verified Buyer
Work great 👍

Work great 👍

Layne U. - Verified Buyer
Love it, super cool and

Love it, super cool and such a life changer!

Caroline C. - Verified Buyer

Like these so much better than dryer sheets. And they work equally as well

Brenda B. - Verified Buyer
Wool dryer balls

I love them!!! Cuts down some on drying time and n need for dryer sheets.

Susan S. - Verified Buyer
Wool Dryer Balls

These work admirably. While a few things don't come out of the dryer just as soft as with dryer sheets, the trade off for the environment is enough for me to give them five stars. I definitely recommend them and gave them to each of my daughters in law.

Susan B. - Verified Buyer
Great Alternative!

These are such a great alternative to dryer sheets. The linens come out soft and fluffy with no filmy residue like you get with dryer sheets. I've bought two extra sets as gifts for family.

Jerry C. - Verified Buyer
Really cuts dryer time

I don't use dryer sheets but was sold with the promise of shorter drying time. Time is precious & so are my laundry quarters.

Diana L. - Verified Buyer


Rebeca F. - Verified Buyer