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Women's Linen Short Reviews

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Seams Coming Apart

I’m conflicted on this review because I loved these shorts at first, however after wearing them on and off over the last month (washing/line drying twice) they are coming apart at the seams. I didn’t think they were too small but began to question my judgement; to be honest I’m somewhat relieved to read others are having the same issues. Wishing I’d read those reviews before purchasing. I love Parachute’s bedding, but perhaps the linen material does not translate well into clothing? Hopefully it’s a design issue that can be fixed…

Amy C.
Wanted to love these! Poor quality

These shorts were so cute on and I loved the color and length. To me, Parachute is the type of brand where you invest in these pieces and expect them to hold up over time. Unfortunately, that was not the case with these shorts. The seam running down the butt was poorly done and started gaping on my second wear. By my 5th wear, they were ripped completely. I am hoping this is just a fluke and I received a poorly made item of the bunch? I have a ton of other stuff from Parachute (robe, sheets, quilts) and they are all well made. I would love for the customer service team to reach out to me if possible.

Love them but don’t hold up

I got about 1-2 great wears out of these but after that and 1 wash (I let mine air dry not machine dry) the seems are coming apart and fraying. I feel like I can wear them once more before the whole crotch and thigh seems are completely apart. It’s very disappointing because they fit so well and are light and airy and super cute! The quality just didn’t hold up for me.

Adrianna P.
Too big compared to the shirt

I just look silly in these pajamas. The shirt is too short and the shorts are kind of long on me. Not very soft.

Tanya W. - Verified Buyer
Was excited to try, but …

These shorts may be the least flattering article of clothing I have ever seen. A canvas bag with a draw string would have more shape.

Rebecca M. - Verified Buyer
I loved these, and then the seam frayed

I loved these shorts, and was thinking of buying a second pair until the 6th or 7th time I wore them (maybe 2 washes total) the crotch seam started to fray and now has a quickly growing hole. I bought a fairly loose pair too, so it must be a construction issue (ie the material is not getting stretched or heavy use). It’s sad because they were the perfect summer short.

Rosanne L. - Verified Buyer
I can fit these and

I can fit these and the length is perfect but size was misleading.

Romana H. - Verified Buyer
Didn't last the week.

I know linen is not a forgiving material, so I only planned on wearing these around the house on easy days. Unfortunately the material ripped away from the seam near the crotch within a few days of wearing them. It wasn't like the seam was weak, but that the material itself some how wore thin? sad to have to put these otherwise comfortable shorts straight into the trash.