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Waffle Robe


Relax in this lightweight, softly textured bathrobe inspired by the world's finest spas. Features two hip pockets, a folded collar and secure waist tie.

Loomed from 100% Turkish cotton at 230 grams per square meter, our intricately woven waffle fabric is soft and lightweight.

Machine washable.  For more details on proper robe care, read the How to Wash, Dry, & Care for Bathrobes guide. 

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Find The Right Fit

From left to right:

Sienna is 5'9 and wears a size extra large

Demi is 5'8 and wears a size small

Sara is 5'7 and wears a size medium

Waffle Towel Color Image

The Color Guide

White: A bright hue that offers a fresh, clean feel.

Tan: A sandy tone that’s both rich and grounding. 

Terra: A deep, red-earth color inspired by desert terrain. 

Grey: A medium shade that’s cool, serene and inviting.


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