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Men's Waffle Lounge Set Reviews

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Love, but rip easily!

The first time I wore the pants the seam in the crotch ripped, a pretty decent sized hole. Had to take them to the tailor! Otherwise they are totally comfortable and amazing, like everything else from Parachute.

Jared S. - Verified Buyer
No draw string

Great fabric but sadly no draw string on the pants to prevent the pants from falling down!

Michael D. - Verified Buyer
Want to Love - But Can't Recommend

Pros - Soft to the touch & really comfortable while lounging or sleeping. Also pretty good-looking, and the sweater is versatile enough that you could probably get away with just throwing on a pair of jeans if running an errand. Cons - After receiving I wore them two nights, washed on delicate cycle and hung to air dry, and yet I already have TWO holes in the set; one in the armpit , one on the underside of the crotch where the seams intersect, both big enough to stick a finger though. Maybe it just happens to be my set, but clearly seems like there's an issue with the stitching. Would of loved to gift a set to my gf, but can't justify something so quick to fall apart.

Great fabric and color, but not right design

Pants size does not match top size even though the labels say they are the same size. Goes both for male and female pairs.

Agote K. - Verified Buyer
Cozy but the pants are huge!

My boyfriend loves the texture, feel and color and wears the shirt quite often. The pants,however, are huge at the waistband and balloon at the ankles. They are still comfortable but I am disappointed with such a poorly designed basic waistband for the price. Some design tweaks and these will be amazing!!

Shannon R. - Verified Buyer
The pants should have a

The pants should have a string

Tiffany E. - Verified Buyer
Not well made

The shirt shredded immediately, very disappointed given the pricing. Thanks for email!

Brandon N. - Verified Buyer

I bought these for my son as a gift. It’s embarrassing to spend this amount of money and have my son tell me there is a hole in the pocket. So, so wrong.

Karen M. - Verified Buyer
Do you really want to look like a formless blob??

I purchased both colors. The bluish set already has a hole in the crotch after just one wash. Yes, I followed the care instructions. There's a lot of wasted fabric with these. These are great to hide those extra holiday pounds.

Andrew A. - Verified Buyer
Could Be Better

Unfortunately, I had really high hopes for this lounge set as I love the sheets and comforters from parachute. However these are not very good quality at all for the price. My husband said it started to completely fall apart after two weeks of wearing them. Also, I wish they had a little more give they are not very forgiving if you want a little stretch. Will not be re-purchasing again, these should be much better quality considering the price.