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Waffle Towels Reviews

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Disappointed - way too thin

The only thing I liked was the color. These towels are way too thin, have very little absorbency, and because they were so thin weren't weren't that soft. I am not even comfortable using them as my guest towels. So I am now using them as the world largest hand towels (they are an awkward size) in our powder room.

Megha D. - Verified Buyer
Too thin and too stretchy

Like Parachute's bedding a lot, but would stay away from these towels. They're really thin ans stretch when trying to dry yourself. They dont hang well and also look worn after a single use.

Forrest Z. - Verified Buyer
Not too good.

Thin, flimsy, feel like Motel 6 fare. Maybe I'm just used to the thick, plush towels at hotels like the Ritz, Mandarin, etc. but these were a mistake to buy and I'm consigning them to the car wash stack.

Samuel B. - Verified Buyer
Want to live but too

Want to live but too soft and Nono absorbent, sorry!

Rebecca T. - Verified Buyer
No. Just... No.

The towel itself feels great, but can’t absorb much water before it becomes sopping wet. One wipe of your face after rinsing off in the shower and the towel is saturated in water with a huge wet spot. Sure it dries fast but once it’s sarurated it can’t absorb anymore water so you still feel wet when using it. It’s also hard to rub against your body/back without grabbing a huge chunk of it at once. And if you hold it up you can see straight through it - nowhere near enough thread density! Would return it in a heartbeat if I could but the policy only allows for unused items to be returned. If you want a towel to wrap yourself in and walk around the house it’s great, but if you’d like to use a towel for its intended purpose and dry off it’s a hard pass. Never again, Parachute.

Ben C. - Verified Buyer

These things are paper thin, worst towels I've ever bought, pretty upset I wasted the money.

Adsm A. - Verified Buyer
Not for me

I did not like these towels. I bought a set of two, used them for a few days, and likely will not use them again. Very unhappy. I did, however like the classic Turkish towels very much. These I will more than likely buy again.

David M.
Wanted to like them, but not very functional as bath towels

Love the hand towel version of these, but as bath towels and w longer hair, they fall flat -- literally. Too springy, flimsy, and not really supportive enough to dry your hair or your body wo getting the ends wet from the shower floor. Appreciate Parachute's return policy though and will be replacing w their regular cotton towels.

Kahala B.
Quality does not reflect the price

These hand towels were beautiful when we first got them. However after a few uses the towel has stretched and lost its form. It’s almost “icky” when wet. It’s thin, non-absorbent and just not practical. Very disappointed to see the company hasn't address the quality issue after countless complaints regarding this similar issue.

Neha S.
Not very absorbent

These towels are soft and generous in size, but are not very absorbent. I have medium length hair, and when I wrap the towel around my head fresh out of the shower, my hair is still dripping wet after 15min. The practicality of these towels make me second-guess the quality of the rest of the items from Parachute.