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Waffle Towels Reviews

631 Reviews

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Pushes around but does not absorb water

Very disappointed in this towel - was hoping it would be great but they simply don’t absorb water. Sadly my towels from Target were much better at 1/4 the price.

Agnish C. - Verified Buyer
Very thin, and don't absorb much water

Generally I have to use two to get dry!

Zachary P. - Verified Buyer
Poor quality

Very disappointed with the appearance and quality of these towels. I returned them.

Laura F. - Verified Buyer
Not luxury

Towels are too thin and do not absorb water. They stay wet Not fluffy or luxurious

Reba P. - Verified Buyer

Not functional as towels. Like cheesecloth. Returned them.

Robert J. - Verified Buyer
Not sturdy enough by half!

Agree with others here, these towels are really soft, but they stretch and snag way too easily and don’t hold there shape for long. I’ve already exchanged mine for two sets of the blue heather towels.

David H. - Verified Buyer
Very dissatisfied

Be careful when buying these towels. After one wash the towels shrunk a entire foot around the perimeter. When I bought them I thought I was buying the correct size, I should have bought the bath sheet and then it would have shrunk perfectly. The regular towel size is way to small after washing. I’m very upset this was never mentioned and also I have many towels from other places and that amount of shrinkage has never happened.

Farhad K. - Verified Buyer
High maintenance

If I have to treat these towels like lingerie and I can’t use these towels as towels, these are not for me.

Irene O. - Verified Buyer

Not absorbent at all

Patrick M. - Verified Buyer
The other reviews are right: thin and scratchy

The other reviews made me wary of trying these but I wanted to give them a chance because I've loved my other Parachute products. Ultimately, I was really disappointed in these towels. As the other negative reviews state, these are really thin and insubstantial towels. They're not just not plush in any way but they also have a rough, scratchy feel even after washing a couple times. These don't live up to the Parachute name.

Kyle R. - Verified Buyer