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Two Tone Towels Reviews

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Two tone towels

I am disappointed in these - they are pretty, but they aren't absorbent enough and they mildew quickly, even when the humidity is low. I wouldn't buy again, and I plan to return a set that I haven't used.

Ellen S. - Verified Buyer
Pretty but not practical

The towels are beautiful and soft. However, they are not absorbent. I have washed them several times trying to see if it’s a sizing material or coating on the fibers but it hasn’t helped. Disappointing. My husband won’t use them.

Sharon G. - Verified Buyer
Pretty, but does not hold up through a wash.

And believe me, I am very fussy about doing laundry appropriately. I washed just a load of towels, nothing else, and ended up with these loooong loops hanging off the towels, where one thread snagged on lord knows what in the machine. I'm amazed they're selling these for this price. Have they tested this product at all?

Joanna W. - Verified Buyer
nice - but not for long

These towels only stayed nice for a couple of months of use. We followed the care instructions - no bleach, etc and they are now so discolored. I won't be buying towels from Parachute again.

Abbey M.
Bad quality, snagged immediately

Bought these for my vacation home for light use- Loved the colors and the two tone and sadly the towels started pulling and snagging after two washes. Followed the instructions and am sad since I bought so many. I don’t recommend these towels at all.

Blake P. - Verified Buyer
Not durable at all

I was so excited to have two of these- but one arrived with a tear along the bias tape hem, and the other was unraveling at multiple spots in the center. Very unfortunate!

Amelia D. - Verified Buyer

As soon as I opened my new towel I noticed it was ripped

Tovah O. - Verified Buyer
Slow to dry, sheds easily

Slow to dry, sheds easily

Vivek B. - Verified Buyer
Low quality / snags and pulls very easily

Low quality -loose loops, snags really easily and pulls - not worth the $$

Natalie K.