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Two Tone Towels Reviews

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2 Tone Towels and a 25% Failure Rate

Ordered 2 face towels and 2 bath towels... Upon delivery and just above the Quality Inspection sticker the face towel was frayed. After i hopped into my car and drove to the Happy Returns 😐 Location to drop it off, they sent a replacement. 4 items ordered, one was flawed = a 25% failure rate. To date the towels are holding up, soft and do what the description says. Enjoy - jb

Joseph B. - Verified Buyer
Better but i dont know

Better but i dont know if it was worth the money

Shirleyann M. - Verified Buyer
Beautiful but not durable

Beautiful design and color, though the textile thread get pull out very easily as they are small loops. If you have nail, or trying to wash them with other clothing items. They will be ruined in no time.

Diana C. - Verified Buyer
Lovely texture but colour was misleading

I was hoping that the colour in the photograph would have been an honest representation of the towel but when I received them, the ochre was much more brown than yellow, which was disappointing. Just want to warn those buying online. But the quality and feel of the towels are great.

Sarah G. - Verified Buyer
Beautiful towels

So soft. Pretty colors. True to pictures online. Not friendly with different skin cares. Retinol, benzoyl peroxide... I’m in skin care and use these products and it does bleach the towels and their sheets out unfortunately..

Brittani W. - Verified Buyer
Two Tone Towels

We have three of the two tone regular size towels and LOVE them. We needed more but they weren’t available so we ordered the larger ones and have been disappointed as they take forever to dry! Would recommend not getting the large ones if you like a dry towel for your next shower/bath. Disappointment but LOVE everything else we own Parachute which includes a linen closet full of goodies!

Dani D. - Verified Buyer

I wish the hype was real. Sadly my set of the two tone towels did not dry quickly, had numerous loose threads, and began to smell after only a few uses. Not sure why I spent so much money on these if the quality assured was not accurate. :/ Two stars for the look and feel.

Kayte O. - Verified Buyer
Just like any other towel

It's OK...not much special. Same as any other towel. Not sure if I'd spend that much next time on a towel.

Veronica C. - Verified Buyer
For display only

Maybe I'm just an idiot and didn't realize it, but these towels are for display only. They both unraveled and started disintegrating after the 1st wash.

Brett E. - Verified Buyer
Doesn’t absorb well and definitely

Doesn’t absorb well and definitely doesn’t dry quickly.

Jennifer O. - Verified Buyer