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Brushed Cotton Top Sheet Reviews

186 Reviews

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156 (84%)
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Love love love it!

Love love love it!

Sarah N. - Verified Buyer
Brushed cotton sheets

Soft and the right texture.

Faranak S. - Verified Buyer
Love My Parachute

Love my brushed cotton sheets. They are crisp, yet soft. So wonderful climbing into bed with fresh sheets that are so quality!

ANNA C. - Verified Buyer
A loyalist

This is my 5th parachute purchase. I have a mattress pad, two sets of sheets (one winter and one summer) and two comforters (one duvet and one standard comforter). The comforters are beautiful and comfy. I get compliments on them all the time. As for the sheets, I alternate every two weeks between parachute and then another brand. I notice a difference in happiness when I crawl into bed with my parachutes. They really make all the difference! I almost can’t describe it. I purchase the brushes cotton because in the winter we were using parachute sheets and every time we’d get it bed to freezing sheets. We would have to do a little dance to mentally prep for the cold and wait to warm up. I was hesitant to purchase the “winter” ones because we both run warm after getting in bed. However, they were on sale so I took the chance and so glad I did. They are not cold when getting in bed now, yet they aren’t warm either so no overheating. They are comfy and soft and such good quality. I’m a parachute loyalist for sure!

Chanel K. - Verified Buyer
Comfy Cotton Indeed

Have been enjoying linen sheets for a few years, but decided to try cotton again. Love the substantial fabric and soothing feel of these. I have eczema and these sheets seem to calm the discomfort that can create. Also appreciate they produce very little lint, if any. Launder beautifully and fit my deep mattress well. Was so impressed with these, just ordered another set.

Dana W. - Verified Buyer
The best sheets.

Other cotton sheets do not compare…these are easy to sleep with and the few colors available are intense and fabulous.

Patricia E. - Verified Buyer
We love our Parachute products

The sheets are so cozy!

Martina E. - Verified Buyer
Top sheet.

Love the fabric!

Sue W. - Verified Buyer
Haven’t shut up about these

I have told a lot of friends. These sheets are amazing and worth the price tag.

Chelsea G. - Verified Buyer
Awesome sheet!

Don't pass on these. They're soft, sturdy and comfortable and plenty deep for thick mattresses. You'll love them.

Sharon Z. - Verified Buyer