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Speckled Waffle Robe Reviews

114 Reviews

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81 (71%)
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So comfortable!

So comfortable!

Milagros L. - Verified Buyer
Perfect length and weight

Perfect length and weight

Suzanne R. - Verified Buyer


Noreen S. - Verified Buyer
Love it

This is so comfy! I’m loving it so much. It’s light enought I can even still wear it in the summer.

Nichole N. - Verified Buyer
Live In It~

This is the Softest Robe ~ Beyond my Expectations ~ My Husband ♥️‘S it too & will be ordering 1 for him as well! You will not be disappointed 

Mrs Z. - Verified Buyer

nice and soft

Avia O. - Verified Buyer
Like wearing a cloud!

I LOVE this robe!! I am going to order one for each of my daughters! It’s well made. Great pockets and SUPER soft!

J.M. H. - Verified Buyer
So soft! Such a nice robe

The only thing I don’t like is it is a little see through. But I would buy again!

Nicole B. - Verified Buyer
This. Is. The. Robe.

I was so hesitant to spend money on a quality robe for myself and was making do with cheap, lackluster options and a tattered Christmas gift from years ago. The second I put this on, I regretted every moment I spent without it. Worth every penny - so soft, perfect length, perfect weight. I would wear an entire bodysuit of this material every day if I could. Plus, it’s cute.

Nicole K. - Verified Buyer
Waffle robe

Light. Cool. And comfy.

Oksana K. - Verified Buyer