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Speckled Towels Reviews

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Super cute but a little linty

I LOVE these towels. The look, the feel the vibe. All of it. The ONLY drawback is that they are so soft to where they are actually linty. Like when you towel off after the shower little fuzzies get stuck to you and fly around your bathroom. However they are so cute and I’m so determined to keep them that I’ve washed them multiple times and hanging to dry outside (I read online that the outside breeze helps blow off the fuzzies). They are getting better. Less lint every time. I was also nervous about the colored “speckles” coming off like some of the reviews said, but have not. Maybe a few here and there, but I’ve washed and hung them out to dry like 5 times now and there are still plenty of “speckles”.

Shelby R. - Verified Buyer
Great Feel

I bought two of these bath towels maybe a month ago. I love the look and feel of them. I know on other reviews people have said that the black flecks fall out and leave you with a gray towel. This has yet to happen to me but I see that the flecks are not woven and kind of just cling to the towel and can be pulled off. However I am still happy with this purchase because the feel of the towel is very good.

Betse F. - Verified Buyer
Super soft and absorbent but

These are about the softest towels that I’ve ever used and very absorbent. The only downside is that the threads pull out fairly easily so I question their durability.

Matt K. - Verified Buyer

Nice fluffy towels but very linty for now- hope they will lose that quality with the next couple of washes

Andrea C. - Verified Buyer
Soft and fluffy but too much lint

I really want to love these towels, but I’ve washed and dried them three times so far and they are still shedding like crazy. They leave lint on my skin, floating in the air, and visible layers of lint on my dark tiled bathroom floor. They’ve actually caused a coughing fit from inhaling the drifting fibers. They feel luxuriously soft, are absorbent, and I adore the unique speckled design, but if they don’t improve after a couple more washes I’m going to have to consider a return. For towels in this price range I expect to not have this problem.

Justine K. - Verified Buyer
Lots of lint!

Fluffy, soft and very nice looking in my bathroom. But, they are very linty and I'm not sure worth the price overall. Time will tell if they hold up.

Claudia C. - Verified Buyer
They are ok

I thought they would be a lot better honestly, they are fine but was just expecting a lore lush feel.

Jacqueline M. - Verified Buyer
Bathroom Towels

The towels are very soft and big. After three washes, the threading started to come out which is disappointing. Other than that, they are great.

Andrew H. - Verified Buyer
Nice but there’s one thing...

The towels are fluffy and feel premium. However, the “speckled” parts of the towel just pull right off. They’re not actually sewn into the towel, they’re sewn into the thread loops of the main color. This makes the “specks” look more like piling than part of the design, but also the style I bought this towel for won’t last past another wash.

Melissa M. - Verified Buyer
Super Cute But..

These towels are gorgeous, soft, and just what I was looking for but even after couple of washes, the lint/cotton from the towel remains on your body as you're wiping down after a shower. Also the speckles fall off and they end up sticking to you body as well. It doesn't look like the threading isn't super tight— which makes it soft but the material is super loose. Very pretty to display on your bathroom but not the best functionally.

Esther T. - Verified Buyer